Toño Mauri: He won the battle against death

Toño Mauri: Venció la batalla contra la muerte

Toño Mauri.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

I can tell that Toño Mauri He won the battle against death … Eight months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and two months after receiving, as a last resort, a double lung transplant, the actor was able to eat solids and this week he will be discharged.

The hopeful news was given this afternoon Raul de Molina Y Lili estefan in ‘The fat and the skinny’. Both, personal friends of Mauri, said that if everything follows the current path, this coming Friday the actor will be discharged and will be able to return to his home in Miami, after 8 months in hospital.

In July of last year we told you that both Toño and his entire family had been infected with COVID-19. He himself explained that he did not understand how it had happened, since they had strictly complied with the quarantine, and had not left the house other than to receive the food delivery.

The truth is that a week after that interview he gave in ‘Wake up America’, Mauri had to be admitted to the Mount Sinai hospital in Miami. His condition was delicate but stable.

However, everything got complicated, and for 5 months he was hospitalized fighting for his life. His wife and children could hardly have contact with him and only joined outside the hospital to pray.

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His condition was so serious that, Lili explained at the time that his wife, Carla, was called twice to warn her that she might not survive.

The miracle came on December 15, when Toño received a double lung transplant. Two months after that day that marked a new birth for the actor, Mauri is ready to continue recovering at home.



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