Top 10 Free Online Shopping Sites

Top 10 Free Online Shopping Sites

More and more online stores are popping up on the web. So many digital players who are real consumers of e-commerce solutions. Many publishers exist to create an online sales site, but only some stand out with increasingly advanced features.

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In its free version, the Mozello service allows you to create an online sales site with 5 products. For design and ergonomics, users can customize certain elements to stand out and have a mode optimized for use on mobile devices. Another advantage of Mozello: a storage space of 500 MB is available. At the operational level, Mozello has links with basic marketing functions (social networks, statistics, SEO). Its main features are characterized by SSL encryption, inventory management to top up depleted stocks and the ability to decline products. Mozello also offers the possibility of declining the products. Two paid versions (€7 and €15 per month excluding VAT) are offered to benefit from their own individual domain name (otherwise the user has a default address of, sell more products (15 items or unlimited), access other payment, remove references to Mozello, change the site icon, redirect pages and a function to personalize e-mails.



Unlike previous offers, PrestaShop is not an online tool but an open source software to download. It allows you to create a free online sales site by choosing the host and the domain name (not included). Used by more than 300,000 shops worldwide, it includes around 600 features as well as 5,000 free or paid add-ons. The creation of product packs is offered as well as the monitoring of product inventory. The store configuration can look like a catalog and it is also possible to configure coupons. The e-merchant can, among other things, distribute his products on the Amazon marketplace to €279.99 tax incl. or add PayPal for free. PrestaShop also offers a subscription version of its software, PrestaShop Ready, for €19.99 excl. VAT per month, which includes hosting on Google’s cloud platform. The Amazon and PrestaShop marketplace offers many complementary extensions.


ePro Shopping

A French publisher, which is aimed primarily at VSEs and SMEs, ePro Shopping offers the creation of a free online sales site that can include up to 200 products, in exchange for a commission of 3% excluding tax levied on the set of transactions. This standard mode provides secure hosting, page optimization for online research, SSL certificate, internal linking, inventory management, the possibility of setting up promotions or variants of the same product, a design responsive and four payment solutions (PayPal, HiPay, check, bank transfer). From €15 per month excl. VAT1,000 products are accepted by the service and it becomes possible to customize the domain name. With 35 € per month excluding VAT, transaction fees are reduced to 2%. Paid plans provide many additional features such as faster hosting in the event of traffic peaks, customization of the product catalog, creation of an image slideshow and a chat/customer support system.

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e-pro shopping


A CMS for creating a website, e-monsite allows you to launch an online store containing 10 product pages free of charge, in exchange for the display of an advertisement, on an address of the type. No transaction fees are charged on orders. A storage space of 150 MB is provided for the content, but the traffic generated on the pages is unlimited! E-monsite offers the possibility of creating a shop with multi-language functionality, of being able to manage its stocks and also offers product variations. Several subscriptions are offered ranging from €3.50 per month to €24 per month. The different subscriptions offer some additional features such as the removal of advertising, support within 24 hours and increased storage capacity.



Strikingly offers a fairly restrictive free plan since only one product can be sold without taking out a subscription. For artisans who focus on a single item, the solution can nevertheless be considered. The free mode of the platform provides a address, modern and responsive templates, several payment services and 5 GB of bandwidth. You have to pay $12 per month to sell 5 products, get 50 GB of traffic, and get a customizable domain. But there is a notable difference: it is possible to put two sites of 5 products each online, if ever the company has two distinct brands or two very different ranges! Publishing three online sales sites of 300 products each costs $20 per month. A VIP subscription exists at the price of $59 per month. Some features are then unlocked such as 10 GB of additional storage, the ability to create multiple pages, the sale of 500 products and lower transaction fees.



The online sales solution offered by Wifeo provides for the creation of a free online store on an address (with display of advertisements). Storage spaces of 50 MB (photos, videos, documents) are completely unlimited. However, users are limited to creating a maximum of 5 pages and 5 products. Wifeo offers the possibility to publish 10 blog articles on the site. Various modules are offered: a contact form, a comment space, a responsive mode for mobile use, etc. The only optional paid options cost from €7.99 to €13.99 per month, and offers some features such as removal of advertising, Google optimization, online payment, the ability to publish an unlimited number of blog posts. and adding a different domain name.


WordPress + WooCommerce

If the company already has an online site on WordPress, which works well and has a good SEO, perhaps it would be better not to start from scratch? By adding the open source and free WooCommerce plugin to this existing site, it can be transformed into an online sales store simply. This solution provides an unlimited number of product pages, all SEO options, SSL encryption, perfect product presentation and full site customization. Free or paid add-ons can then be added to take advantage of third-party solutions: online payment, delivery services, social networks or even the distribution of advertisements. To benefit from WooCommerce you must go through WordPress so the cost of hosting is to be expected.


Wix + Ecwid

This solution works on the same principle as the WordPress + WooCommerce association, but this time with a site powered by Wix. If a company has chosen the Wix CMS for its showcase site, it can turn it into an online sales store by adding the Ecwid module. The free version is accessible for up to 10 products sold (no transaction fees), and provides integration of payment and delivery tools, 20 payment services, SSL encryption, and unlimited bandwidth. The plugin is available in 50 languages. Subsequently, the e-merchant can switch to the first paid version for 15 € per month, which makes the number of products potentially available for sale unlimited. Two other subscription offers are available, one at 35 € per month and the other to 99 € per month and add multiple functions: distribution of products on marketplaces, sales statistics, sales on Facebook and Instagram, SEO optimization, multilingual catalog and monitoring of abandoned baskets. Ecwid also works on other platforms, such as Weebly, Squarespace, and Joomla.



The Shopify e-commerce platform is one of the most well-known and used in the world. A million entrepreneurs already trust it! It offers the possibility of creating an online store within the framework of a monthly subscription of only $29 per month, after a 14-day free trial. This includes selling products in unlimited numbers on multiple sales channels (marketplaces, social networks), setting up discount codes, as well as 24/7 support. -merchants can benefit from many popular features such as abandoned cart recovery, SEO optimization which significantly improves natural referencing, an offer of more than 170 responsive themes and product combinations. Two other subscriptions exist which are $79 and $299 per month. They offer additional features such as built-in professional reports, automatic calculation of delivery costs, the ability to generate coupons and transaction fees of 1% and 0.5%.



Jimdo is the website editor that is characterized by its ease of use, its reliability and its excellent reputation. Jimdo offers a free version as well as 4 other paid plans including multiple features and at a very reasonable price. With the free version, only one advertisement is displayed and there is the possibility of uploading 5 products. This site is perfect for beginners or craftsmen. Jimdo also offers a storage space of 500 MB to integrate a good volume of text and image. SSL encryption is included so you can accept payments securely. Very intuitive and responsive, Jimdo offers excellent features. It is also very easy to upgrade to paid versions like the Start version at 9 € per month or even the Unlimited version at 39 € per month. By choosing a paid version, the publisher offers higher storage space, the total absence of advertising, but also priority customer support.


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