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A good community manager knows perfectly how to manage his community of Internet users. But to be more efficient, efficient and professional in the management of his various tasks, he must not only have a good sense of organization but also and above all rely on various tools that will facilitate his daily work as a community manager. Knowing which tools to use depending on the actions to be performed is not always easy when you start. Do you work in the world of community management and social networks? Here is a list of 10 useful and complementary tools for any community manager in 2021.

1 – 4K Video Downloader, the tool to download videos

To perform video downloads in the best possible quality and without the risk of clicking unwanted links on online tools, community managers often use 4K Video Downloader.

This software is a great help for community managers who often need to download videos from social networks in particular. 4K Video Downloader is used to save videos, playlists, channels as well as subtitles.

Many social networks are compatible: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tik Tok, …

Suitable for all social media professionals, even beginners, the tool allows very simple and fast downloading. If that was not enough to convince you, it is one of the free community management tools.

2 – Combin, the CM tool to boost Instagram accounts

community manager tool combin

Are you looking for a tool to manage your Instagram accounts and especially to grow your community and your number of followers? Combin is a perfect all-in-one solution, especially for community managers.

This software is used to increase your Instagram visibility, your account visits and your number of followers. You can effectively ensure the development of your Instagram accounts in a few minutes a day with this tool.

Combin is divided into two sub-tools: Combin Scheduler and Combin Growth.

  • With the tool Combin Growth, you will be able to perform growth hacking actions on Instagram: follow targeted accounts (age, gender, number of subscribers, language), automation of repetitive tasks, comments and likes in batches, …
  • With Combin Scheduler, this community manager tool will allow you to manage the scheduling Instagram posts, reposts and stories.

Combin is therefore very useful for boosting your Instagram accounts and those of the brands for which you work.

3 –, the tool to extract the instrument and the voice from audio tracks

community manager tool

In the context of montages to be shared on social networks, a community manager sometimes needs to extract and dissociate the vocal tracks (vocals) from the melody (instrumental). If manually, it is almost mission impossible, using a tool like and artificial intelligence, it becomes much simpler.

Whether it is famous music for which only the instrument or the voice interests you for a montage, this tool based on artificial intelligence will allow you in a few clicks of efficiency to obtain two distinct audio files from of a single audio file.

From social media tools adapted to community management, the latter remains one of the most effective platforms found on the market. It guarantees precise and fast extraction of audio tracks. This instrument is also easy to handle. It ensures that the sound quality is maintained for the audio clips.

As a community manager tool, is accessible at a rather affordable price and you can test the tool for free on their site before paying anything.

4 – Hootsuite, the favorite social media planning tool for community managers

community manager tool hootsuite

Ultra-complete tool for the management and organization of its accounts on social networks, Hootsuite is a true ally of the community manager.

This tool allows you to create, plan and schedule your posts on all social networks.

From social media tools, Hootsuite is very popular for its ability to centralize the management and planning of all its social accounts and allow management from multiple accounts in cooperation.

This tool is offered on a freemium basis, with a free account and a more advanced paid version. The free version is however limited to only three social profiles as well as a single user.

5 – Pixabay, the ideal online tool for sourcing free royalty-free images

cm pixabay tool

To animate a community on social networks, the visual is very important. Images are widely used by community managers, but you still need to be able to find free, high-quality royalty-free images.

To find good quality images and photos, you can turn to Pixabay, the free image library is one of the most used in the world. This tool gathers more than 1.7 million images as well as videos. The platform is supported by a strong community. The themes found in Pixabay are very varied. All you have to do is type a keyword to have a large selection of images.

Please note that the royalty-free images are licensed from Pixabay. This community manager tool is very easy to use and does not require registration.

6 – Facebook Creator Studio, the free tool to manage your Facebook and Instagram pages

facebook creator studio tool

One of Facebook’s free tools, Facebook Creator Studio, offers, among other things, an alternative to YouTube Creator Studio. This software is especially useful for video content creators.

Creator Studio provides all the tools a community manager may need to effectively publish, manage, monetize and measure the content of all of their Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

Creator Studio is also the tool that allows you to take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities offered by the social network that is still the leader in its market.

7 – Facebook Ads Manager, the essential tool for managing Facebook and Instagram ads

community manager tool Facebook and Instagram ad manager

If you are used to managing communities, you know that it is now essential to master the advertising tools of social networks.

To help you with this management, Facebook has developed the Facebook Ads Manager for its two main social networks (Instagram and Facebook), an all-in-one platform allowing you to manage your active advertisements, create new ones and consult your statistics for all of its advertising campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Manager is therefore a free social media tool that is one of the essentials community manager tools.

8 – Feedly, the star tool for the organization of its social media watch

community manager feedly tool

Here is a very practical monitoring service for any community manager who wishes to stay abreast of the latest social media trends of the moment and the latest news in this sector.

Feedly is one of monitoring tools, from RSS feeds, the most efficient and intuitive on the market for everyday use. It allows you to organize your watch by theme and to follow daily interesting information on your competitors and the areas that interest you.

With Feedly, you will be able to follow new content published on almost any site by simply entering the URL of the site or its RSS feed in the tool. To find content on a specific topic, you can also use a keyword.

The tool, available free of charge, therefore guarantees you access to the latest advertising information linked to your favorite media.

9 – Canva, the essential tool for making photo montages without knowledge

community manager canva tool

Mastering the creation of quality visuals is an undeniable asset for any community manager.

You do not master Photoshop and are looking for one or more alternatives? You can opt for a much easier tool to use like Can go. The latter allows the creation of beautiful visual content and now even videos adapted for social networks.

A free version is offered. But if you want more features, you can upgrade to the paid version. This provides access to several templates and models to perfect your publications. Note that the achievements via Canva are generally of very good quality.

10 – Mojo App, the French application to create professional video stories, without editing knowledge

community manager tool mojo app

Creating stories on social networks is a must when you are a community manager. With Mojo App, you can embellish your stories by choosing a beautiful template among the many choices offered by the application.

The tool also allows you to put a background sound to the stories. The story created can be shared on any platform, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or even Facebook.

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