TOP 5 Generators to Find Relevant Hashtags for Instagram

Do you want to gain more Instagram followers by choosing the best hashtags for the captions of your Instagram posts every time? You want to use a hashtag generator automatic online? Here are the 5 best free tools of the moment to help you find the right popular hashtags to insert in your posts to boost the visibility of your posts.

To avoid shadowbaning on Instagram, you have to be careful about choosing the right hashtags.

If you can use the native Instagram feature that will automatically suggest hashtags to you by giving you the number of publications associated with them as an indicator of popularity, use a popular hashtag generator can save you time.

Here are 5 free tools to help you find the best hashtags to insert on your Insta posts.

1- Instagram’s official hashtag generator

official instagram hashtags generator
Instagram’s official hashtag generator

When it comes to finding the right hashtags associated with a domain, nothing beats the native Instagram feature which provides you with hashtag suggestions to use based on the hashtag you’re adding.

To use the full potential of this free tool, you need to go to your Instagram account, create a post and then add a ” # »Before the main keyword that seems most relevant to your industry and your publication.

The idea here is to start writing the word without going too fast to see the Instagram hashtag suggestions with the number of publications associated with each.

The only downside with the official Instagram generator is that it will only present you with popular hashtags that start with the letters or the word you entered after the hashtag, so it’s a bit limiting.

The more a hashtag has a large number of related publications, the more popular it is and can therefore attract you visibility.

On the other hand, the more a hashtag is used, the more competitive it is as well.

Choosing a happy medium between popular hashtags and less used but equally relevant hashtags is often the best practice to adopt.

2- TagsFinder, the free generator of similar hashtags, related or both

tagsfinder hashtag generator
Overview of Tagsfinder, one of the best Insta hashtag generator

Tags Finder is one of the best online software for generating hashtags based on a word.

Offering three distinct options of search for the most relevant hashtags vis-à-vis a word, the tool stands out from the others with the possibility in addition to excluding certain types of hashtags associated with spam.

Once the 30 similar or related hashtags generated by the tool, you can copy them in one click, convenient.


3- Sistrix hashtag generator

sistrix generator hashtags instagram
Overview of the Sistrix hashtag generator

Although the Sistrix tool does not specialize in social media, it does offer an interesting free tool to generate from several keywords a list of popular related hashtags ordered by popularity.

Sistrix provides a popularity indicator next to each suggested hashtag, making it easier to know which ones to choose when you want to limit yourself to less than 15 hashtags per post.


4- All Hashtag: the generator of random or similar hashtags

allhashtags hashtags generator
Overview of the free hashtag generator Allhashtags

All Hashtag is a good free hashtag generator. You just have to enter a word and click on ” Generate »So that it automatically suggests to you in a few seconds 30 random hashtags associated with the term you have entered.

The tool also offers you a list of the 30 hashtags most similar to the term you have added, a combination of the two suggestions usually helps a lot to know which ones to add to your post.

The downside of this tool is that it doesn’t show how it ranks its results at all, so you can end up with hashtags that are not always relevant and you also can’t know how popular and which are they are. more than others.


5- Instavast, the automatic hashtag generator that analyzes photos, URLs and words

instavast hashtags generator
Overview of the Instavast hashtag generator

Instavast is a very interesting hashtag generator tool since it has 3 generation options:

  • Generation based on the analysis of a photo or image
  • Generation based on the analysis of a web page
  • Generation of suggestions based on a word

The downside to this tool is that it can take several minutes to analyze a photo to suggest associated hashtags, so it’s not the best.


Why is using relevant hashtags important?

While hashtags may seem unnecessary for personal accounts, they are a powerful element to optimize to help promote your business (or the one you work for).

They help increase the organic reach of your publications and to appear to people who do not necessarily follow your content.

Thanks to hashtags, you have one of the easiest free ways to extend your influence beyond your current followers.

Using relevant hashtags, people searching or following these keywords on Instagram are more likely to find your brand and posts.

As long as they like the shared content, you can effortlessly generate a few additional subscriptions on a recurring basis.

What is the origin of hashtags?

While the original idea of ​​using the # sign to group conversations started with the IRC chat client in the late 1990s, the use of the hashtag didn’t become popular until 2007, when Chris Messina suggested using the # signs to mark and group conversations.

Clearly popularized with the arrival of the social network Twitter, hashtags have become over the years essential elements of all social networks (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin now all use them too) to group together associated content. .

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