TOP 5 SEO Ranking Tools on Google (2022)

Tracking your SEO positions on Google using a dedicated positioning report is essential for any SEO, whether you are with the advertiser, in an agency or on your own. Here is a selection of the best SEO position tracking software and tools.

What tools to use to know the position of your keywords on Google?

Here is a selection of the 5 best tools of the moment to know and follow the position of your keywords on Google and other search engines:

  1. monitor tank
  2. ProRankTracker
  3. Ranking
  4. SEMrush
  5. Search Console

monitor tank

seo position tracking tool monitorank
Monitorank’s Google Keyword Position Tracker

The French tool for monitoring SEO positions monitor tank is currently one of the best on the market. Ideal for monitoring positioning changes over time for your own site and those of your direct competitors (at no additional cost), Monitorank allows you to analyze SEO positions on many search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.) .

Quite rare for an SEO tracking tool, Monitorank also supports tracking positions on internal search engines which may be important to you depending on your business. It is thus possible thanks to this SaaS platform:

  • to follow the ranking of its products in the Amazon search engine;
  • to analyze its local SEO positions on Google Maps;
  • to follow the positions of its videos on YouTube;
  • to consult the ranking of its application on the PlayStore.

Monitorank analyzes and recovers all types of positions, whether it is a position in natural search results, a zero position, a display in PAAs or even in Google Maps or video blocks.

To facilitate the integration of SEO position tracking data into its reports, the solution has also developed a Google DataStudio connector and an API for developers.

In terms of price, the first plans start from just €4 excluding tax per month for 100 monitored keywords. The rates are then decreasing according to the total volume of keywords followed. You can view all prices here.


seo position tracking software monitorank

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker tool for tracking SEO positions
ProRankTracker, a professional SEO position tracking tool

Pro Rank Tracker is a very good SEO tool 100% dedicated to tracking positions on Google and other search engines. Offering a free 30-day trial that offers 100 keyword tracking for one domain, the free lifetime version then upgrades to a 20-keyword limit.

One of the advantages of ProRankTracker compared to other similar tools is that it offers a mobile application for SEOs and a dedicated application for customers so that they can also track their rankings. The application dedicated to clients can be personalized in the colors of an agency or an advertiser.

Like most tools for monitoring the SEO positions of keywords on Google and other search engines, the position history is consulted by keyword through an evolution curve.

Like Monitorank, ProRankTracker also analyzes YouTube and Amazon search results.

The UX interface of the tool has been very well worked, which makes it really pleasant to use on a daily basis.

Level prices, the tool costs from 13.5 dollars for 100 keywords followed. By opting for an annual plan, a 20% discount is offered on the monthly rate.


proranktracker seo position tracking software
google proranktracker position tracking tool


seo seranking position tracking tool
SEranking’s SEO position tracking software

SEranking offers a feature dedicated to monitoring SEO positions on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Capable of tracking local SEO positions as well as positions on mobile versions of search engines, SEranking’s ranking reporting tool is both easy to use and inexpensive since it is integrated into a larger software suite. supporting the audit of keywords, the analysis of backlinks, the competitive audit or the analysis of SERPs.

Just like dedicated software, it is also possible to follow the positions on Google of its main competitors with SE Ranking.

In terms of price, the SEO SEranking tool can track 250 keywords monthly from just €13.92 (this price includes all the other features of the software).



semrush seo position tracking tool
SEMrush SEO Rank Tracker

SEMrush is a complete SEO tool which is of course not limited to monitoring SEO positions on the various search engines, but it is a feature that it offers to all of its customers. You can also track your competitors’ positions to see what they are doing and how they rank against you.

The interface of the tool is well thought out, it is possible to classify the keywords by groups and follow the evolution of its positions by TOPs (Top 3, Top 10, …). A visibility index also makes it possible to have an overall KPI to follow which offers an overview of the trend observed on all the keywords followed. SEMrush also displays the number of falling and rising keywords in each “TOP” based on the date range entered.

Pricing starts at $99 per month (if the annual plan is selected), the tool tracks up to 500 keywords. To be able to track more search terms, you will have to pay for a superior plan starting at $191 per month (the latter allows you to track up to 1500 keywords).


Google Search Console

google search console location tracking tool
The SEO position tracking tool on Google Search Console

Although Google Search Console is not originally an SEO positioning tracking tool, it allows it for free, via its ” Performance in search results“.

This section of the tool offers the possibility to follow the positions of its website for the keywords on which it currently ranks.

The two main disadvantages of Search Console for position tracking, however, are:

  • not being able to follow a specific selection of keywords;
  • not being able to obtain precise evolution data on the positions with an overview (only the average position over the selected period is displayed and not the daily, weekly or monthly variations).

However, for followers of Excel or Google Sheets, monthly exports reprocessed with Vresearch can allow you to create a completely free positioning tracking system (although time-consuming and cumbersome to maintain over time).

Installing Search Console on its website is completely free and requires little technical knowledge. If you have access to the Google Analytics property of your website, installation can literally be done in a few clicks (in any case it is strongly recommended to have Search Console to follow up on possible technical problems associated with its website, it is one of the essential free SEO tools).


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