Top 6 Web Writing Platforms (2022)

If you don’t have time to write content or just don’t know how to go about it, there are solutions. The simplest of these is to go through a content writing platform. Specifically, these are sites that offer to provide you with content in exchange for payment. What are the best writing platforms to get texts easily? How can this be useful for your website? Let’s see everything you need to know about web writing platforms.

What is a web writing platform?

A web writing platform is simply a site that puts you in direct contact with web editors. In concrete terms, the operation is simple: you register on the platform and request content writing with a brief to guide the editor and a delivery deadline.

Regarding the price, each platform offers its price list. Usually, the price is calculated from the number of words. This price varies according to the experience and quality of the editor, but also what you expect (simple article, strategic page, etc.). If you take the lowest rates, you risk getting poorly optimized text with possible spelling errors. While on higher rates, you ensure a certain quality and a correct level of optimization.

The 6 Best Online Writing Platforms

Whitepress: much more than a web writing site

Whitepress is a very interesting platform for its web writing. In fact, writing services are only part of their service. It is basically a international netlinking and content marketing platform. In other words, from Whitepress, you will be able to manage the purchase of links or sponsored articles internationally.

The strong point of this platform is thatit offers a web writing service, to outsource the writing of your articles sponsored or otherwise. As part of an SEO strategy, Whitepress can allow you to give a higher dimension to your website.

Whitepress: web writing, content marketing and netlinking platform
Whitepress: web writing, content marketing and netlinking platform

Like many writing platforms, Whitepress offers different levels of quality for its texts. Here are the different prices charged by this tool:

  • 1000 characters: €9.
  • 2000 – 2500 characters: €20.
  • 3000 – 3500 characters: €29.
  • 3500 – 5000 characters: €72.
  • 5000 – 8000 characters: €115.
  • 8000 – 12000 characters: €175.

To sum up, with Whitepress, you will be able to manage the purchase and outsourcing of the writing of your sponsored articles very easily. Everything is brought together on a single platform. Concretely, to obtain a sponsored article on a relevant site, it will only take you 10 minutes.

Textbroker: the reference web writing site on the market

Textbroker is clearly one of the best known platforms on the market.

It offers 2 types of offers: self-service (ordering items) and managed-service (content policy management). Here, we will mainly focus on the self-service part, which corresponds more to the definition that we can have of a web writing platform. The TextBroker fee schedule is broken down in different ways. First, there are different services:

  • OpenOrder: offer open to editors
  • DirectOrder: order with author of your choice
  • TeamOrder: choosing the team of authors
TextBroker: web writing platform
TextBroker: web writing platform

Then, here are the prices (in OpenOrder):

  • Quality of authors 3 out of 5: €0.022 / word
  • Author quality 4 out of 5: €0.03/word (DirectOrder and TeamOrder from €0.031 per word)
  • Quality of authors 5 out of 5: €0.08 / word the platform for finding freelancers in web writing

Basically, 5euros is not a platform dedicated to writing services. In fact, it is a site on which you can hire freelancers very quicklyoften for small missions.

Nevertheless, you will find a very large number of web editors above. There is something for every budget and every need. There is therefore a good chance that you will find what you are looking for among the more than 900 freelancers who offer web writing.

5euros: the platform to find freelancers in web writing
5euros: the platform to find freelancers in web writing

Scribeur: the professional content platform

Scriber is another writing platform, which offers slightly more attractive prices than what we have seen with TextBroker. Also here you can work in 2 different ways with them. Either you order an article in self-service, or you outright entrust the management of your writing project. Here are the self-service prices:

  • 2-star quality: €0.012 per word
  • 3-star quality: €0.015 per word
  • 4-star quality: €0.028 per word
  • 5-star quality: €0.055 per word
Scriber: web writing platform
Scriber: web writing platform

LLRedac: tailor-made writing

LLRedac is a French content writing platform. Its main feature is the practical aspect offered by its price calculator. You enter the type of service you need (web writing in this case here), the level of writing quality, the desired number of words and the turnaround time. LLRedac then gives you a price directly.

Here is the price per quality level (for a turnaround time of 4 days):

  • 2 stars: €0.04 per word
  • 3 stars: €0.05 per word
  • 4 stars: €0.07 per word
  • 5 stars: €0.08 per word
LLRedac: web writing platform
LLRedac: web writing platform

LLRedac can write you texts for different types of pages on your website: basic article, correction, semantic SEO rewriting, product sheet writing, showcase site content, blog article, writing an e-book.

TonTexte, the site that does writing for niche topics

TonTexte is a platform a little different from anything we’ve seen so far. In fact, these write article packs, which can then be purchased. These are usually focused on niche themes, where there are few specialized writers. These contents are all 1200 words and are optimized for SEO. Here are different topics that can currently be found on their site: real estate, clairvoyance, CBD, parenthood or even marketing.

A pack of 10 articles of 1200 words costs €300 excluding tax.

TonTexte: web writing platform
TonTexte: web writing platform

Why go through these sites to do your content writing?

Hiring a web writing platform to take care of your articles or content can have advantages. Here are the 3 main strengths of these sites.

Delivery time

Even if the quality is not always completely optimal depending on the platforms, one of the main advantages of these is the delivery time. If you have some rapid needs, with short deadlines, you should find your happiness in these platforms. Indeed, when you see the range of platforms available, there is bound to be one that will be able to provide you with immediate availability.

The observation can even be extended to a more precise scale. In each platform, there will necessarily be an editor ready to take care of your order. Also, if your deadlines are tight, chances are the platform will put your request ahead of others that have longer deadlines.

Advantageous rates

We may tend to think that a writing platform always offers lower prices than a freelance writer. In reality, they offer all types of prices, to respond to as many requests as possible. As you may have seen from the platforms listed above, some are also more “premium” than others.

In other words, there are necessarily prices that will correspond to your budgetary and qualitative expectations.

Benefits for the editors of these sites

Beyond the well-being of the client, these platforms also have undeniable advantages for editors. First of all, the editors avoid all the prospecting work, time-consuming, expensive and not always easy to carry out. Editors can therefore devote more time to writing texts.

It is also possible to gain notoriety thanks to the platforms. Some offer a rating system that highlights the work of the writers. The editors also avoid all the problems of unpaid invoices and complicated relations with certain customers.

You now know the best platforms to choose for outsourcing the writing of your articles and site content. If you know of other interesting sites, which provide an acceptable service, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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