Top 7 Best Content Spinning Tools (Pros & Free)

If you are looking for the best content spinning tool or rewriting articles of the moment, this list should interest you!

If you are in a hurry and want to make up your own mind about each content spin software without reading more, here are the best tools of the moment according to us:

All of these content spinning software are professional tools and therefore chargeable (excluding EffiSpin) but SpinRewriter has the advantage of offering a 5 days free version which makes it possible to satisfy all the occasional needs of a tool for generating text variants: a spin editing interface with spintax editor, the generation of hundreds of variants of spinned texts and the automatic rewriting of paragraphs and articles.

1- SpinRewriter

content spinning spinrewriter tool

SpinRewriter has been in the content spinning business since 2011. Over the years it has become one of the best content spinning and article rewriting tools online. It offers an easy-to-use interface and also allows one-click article rewriting.

SpinRewriter is able to generate up to 1000 variants of the same master spin. It offers the possibility to choose the format in which you want to export the generated texts.

The strengths of SpinRewriter:

  • A 100% free version is available for 5 days.
  • It is web-based spinning software, so you can access it with any operating system, web browser, or device. No software is to be installed on your computer.
  • Its article spinner functionality also allows you to create dozens of unique versions of your original articles in a few clicks to be able to feed your PBNs or even offer quality guest articles as part of netlinking actions.
  • SpinRewriter integrates a bank of royalty-free images into its tool to offer you the possibility of integrating high-quality royalty-free visuals directly into your spins.
  • Once the articles have been rewritten, a check and compare functionality is offered by the tool to ensure that the proposed rewrite is of good quality and meets your requirements.
  • Spin Rewriter supports all styles of spintax and provides you with step-by-step video tutorials and getting started guides so you can utilize the full power of the software.

2- TheBestSpinner

content spinning tool thesbestspinner

In the world of content spinning since 2009, TheBestSpinneras its name suggests, is one of the best text-spinning tools on the market.

Managing masterspin, rewriting paragraphs and texts in one click, mass spun generation, TheBestSpinner is a professional tool that remains easy to use.

The advantages of TheBestSpinner:

  • TheBestSpinner does not offer a free plan strictly speaking but it is possible to be reimbursed up to 30 days after the purchase of the tool by indicating only how the tool did not meet your expectations.
  • The software manages the different levels of spins and distinguishes the different levels using dedicated color codes.
  • This content spin tool works on both Windows and Mac (and any device with a web browser).
  • It is possible to check the level of duplicate of each spinned article using the tool via the Copyscape API.
  • The tool offers the possibility to spin an entire article in 1 click (up to 100 variants of the same article can be generated and exported).
  • The publication of spuns directly in WordPress can be configured directly from the tool.
  • A translation feature supports 14 languages.
  • TheBestSpinner even allows you to generate audio files from spinned texts to enrich content using podcast formats.

3- EffiSpin

free content spinning tool EffiSpin

Although the software has not been updated since 2012, EffiSpin is nothing else that the best French-speaking content spinning tool on the market. Available only through a Windows version to install on your computer, this content spinning tool can manage small masterspins and export an interesting number of variants of the same spin.

No support is offered by the creator of the tool but it is the price of free!

4- WordAI

wordai article spinning software

Different from the first two tools in that WordAI does not offer a dedicated interface for creating a spin or master spin, this software is entirely dedicated to the rewriting of articles thanks to artificial intelligence. Its objective is to save you time in content production while avoiding duplicate content. Concretely, WordAI combines the power of AI and content spinning to automatically generate variant paragraphs and articles from simple clicks.

The strengths of WordAI:

  • GPT-3 artificial intelligence is built into the tool to generate unique spinned variants of sentences and paragraphs from simple clicks.
  • A free 3-day trial is offered to test the tool without having to commit.

5- txt spinner

content spinning tool Txtspinner

Txtspinner is another software derived from content spinning. Also offering the possibility of rewriting articles on the fly thanks to AI, the latter stands out from its competitors by a very good understanding of the context. The rewrites made via txtspinner are thus generally of good quality, although it is always recommended to adjust the texts generated manually by a human to improve SEO optimization.

The main advantage of Txtspinner vis-à-vis similar solutions is that it integrates a spintax editor into its tool, something that most other tools of this type do not offer.

It also allows you to schedule the publication for later of any text generated and spinned on its platform to WordPress (without having to leave the tool).


Jasper article spinning tool

Whether Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is above all a software for creating content using AI, it is also a tool that offers automatic rewriting of articles using content spinning and GPT-3 techniques.

It will therefore not allow you to create pure and hard content spinning but can be used to create new versions of sentences or articles without having to rewrite them yourself, which is more or less the initial goal sought when you practice content spinning (without the bulk generation aspect of many variants).

To test the tool, 10,000 generated words are offered for registration via this link.

7- Quillbot

Quillbot paragraph spin tool

Comparable to WordAI and Txtspinner, quillbot is an interesting alternative to automatic article rewriting tools using AI and content spinning. This tool, which calls itself a paraphrase software, offers its users the possibility of adjusting the level of spinning desired (the higher it is, the more the quality deteriorates but the more the content becomes “unique”). It is possible to test the capabilities of the tool completely free of charge from the homepage of the service however the generated variants are currently only available in English (it will therefore be necessary to couple it with a translation tool like DeepL or Google Translate to exploit its full potential).

What also sets it apart from the others is its direct integration into Google Docs and Word to be able to generate text variants directly from its word processing software.

Are there French content spinning software?

Yes there are some free software such as effispin content spinning software but the capacities of the latter remain limited. It is for example not possible to use it on Mac and it is not suitable for spins of more than 1000 characters. However, it is a very good free spinning tool for Windows useful when you want to get started in this practice.

There is also the online tool of infowebmaster but the latter remains very basic and limits the draws to 15 texts generated per spin. There is also no question here of considering a master spin, only “basic” spins can be generated.

If you really want to use at all costs a content spinning software professional in French, the best thing is to use one of those presented in the list at the top of this article and to use an automatic web page translator like Google Translate to help you use it on a daily basis.

Is the use of a content spinning tool authorized by Google?

Officially, Google is against automatically generating content. Content spinning, which makes it possible to generate many variations of “unique” content en masse, is officially not appreciated by Google. If this is historically a practice considered black hat, content spinning is now commonly used by the largest French-speaking sites to avoid duplicate content or near duplicate as much as possible. In most cases, the use of this technique does not cause them the slightest harm (on the contrary).

When used intelligently, text spinning tools are therefore very good allies for SEOs.

Which content spinning tool to use to generate WordPress pages?

spinning pages wordpress plugin

If you use WordPress and want to generate pages or articles en masse using content spinning, there is a very good premium plugin that allows you to insert spintax and generate pages dynamically for geographical variants in particular ( but not only): it is Page Generator Pro from WP Zinc.

This very complete premium plugin allows you to generate pages, articles, product sheets in mass with the integration of spinned content.

Coupled with software like SpinRewriter (to edit the spin upstream), this combo of professional tools will save you a significant amount of time!

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