TOP 7 Tips for Instagram Stories Visible and Pro

Do you use Instagram daily for personal or professional purposes? Here are 7 interesting tips you need to know to get the most out of Instagram stories.

Tip 1 – Add and hide hashtags to boost the reach of your story

Inserting hashtags in Instagram posts is now more than common practice to maximize the organic reach of your posts.

Did you know that to boost the reach of a story, it was also very interesting?

To date, Instagram allows you to add up to 10 hashtags per story.

If adding hashtags to your stories seems difficult or not suited to the content you share, know that there is a fairly simple trick to add a few without making them visible to your followers:

  • Click on the text tool to write the hashtag of your choice (one at a time), select the color of your choice then use the vertical bar located on the left of your screen to manage the size of your text: scroll it to the lowest to make your new hashtag as small as possible
  • Then move your hashtag to the least important place in your photo or video (a place that you will then hide with another element)
  • Renew the operation as many times as you want to add hashtags (up to 10 max) and move all your hashtags to the same place
  • Then add a location sticker or any other element to hide your added hashtags

This trick works even better with “hashtag stickers” by pinching (to shrink) them once created. These can be shrunk almost to the infinitely small to make them almost invisible, even without having to add a sticker, gif or image on top to hide them.

Tip 2 – Make texts, emojis, gifs appear at a specific moment in a video shared in a story

Did you know that it is possible to delay the display of a text, a sticker, an emoticon or a gif on an Instagram story video?

To make an element appear at a specific moment in your video, simply add this element to your video story and then hold down on it for a few seconds until a scroll bar appears at the bottom of your screen. .

At this stage, all you have to do is scroll the bar to make your element appear at the desired time.

Tip 3 – Create a color background on an Instagram story

Depending on the content shared on your Instagram story, you may want to add a solid color background to your entire story.

Instagram allows this possibility thanks to the color dropper or the colors offered by the application after clicking on the “Pencil” option.

Concretely, you just need to:

  • Select the desired color with the eyedropper or select a predefined color in the “Pencil” section of Instagram stories
  • Keep pressed for a few seconds on your screen once the color has been selected

Your entire story screen should then be filled with the selected color.

Tip 4 – Add filter to your Instagram video stories

Did you know it was possible toadd a filter also to your Instagram video stories ?

While the filters offered are far less numerous and powerful than those available for traditional publications, Instagram offers several filters to stylize a video shared as a story.

To add a filter to an Instagram video story, simply:

  • Take a video with the built-in Stories feature or import one
  • Swipe right until you find the filter that suits you best

The filters bear the names of cities such as “Paris”, “Oslo” and “Rio de Janeiro” in particular.

Tip 5 – Insert any Gif to a story directly from the Giphy app

Can’t find the gif you need to accompany your story from the functionality integrated directly into Instagram stories?

Do not panic, there is another option to integrate a Gif into a story by going directly through the Giphy applicationInstagram partner.

To do this, go to the Giphy application available on Android or iOS then:

  1. Browse the hundreds of thousands of Gif with the many categories and the search engine to find THE gif to share in stories
  2. Click on the icon in the shape of a paper airplane located at the bottom right of the gif you like (after having clicked on it beforehand)
  3. Select the Instagram icon (if this is your first time, Giphy will ask you for permissions to access your photos and be able to open the Instagram app)
  4. At this point, Instagram will be open and all you have to do is click on the “Story” button to add your gif to your next story.

The only drawback of this trick is that you cannot resize the added gif, it will automatically be added to the background of your story without you being able to resize it to the desired size.

It is therefore recommended to avoid adding GIFs in landscape format for better rendering once shared in Instagram stories.

Tip 6 – Disable Private Messages on Instagram Stories

Do you want to disable the feature allowing your followers to react to your stories by sending you a private message?

If this tip is not very interesting and recommended for professional brand accounts, some personal or influencer accounts may receive dozens of private messages for each story and thus want to deactivate this feature allowing anyone to send a private message. to an account through an Instagram story reply.

Here’s how to disable the option:

  1. In the interface for creating an Instagram story, click on the gear wheel located at the top left of the screen
  2. This will take you to the “Story Options”
  3. Then click on the “No” button in the “Allow messages” section

If you wish, you can allow messages only:

  • From your subscribers
  • Followers you follow

Tip 7 – Apply gradient color to text

To give a different style to your Story, there are different tips. This concerns the color of the text. Indeed, it is possible to add a gradient effect to the text color.

Here’s how to get this result:

  1. Go to the story creation space
  2. Add text with the classic tool
  3. You must then select the pure text and highlight it
  4. With the left thumb, stay pressed on the starting color at the bottom, in order to reveal the color spectrum
  5. With the right thumb, come and find the left corner of the text selection box
  6. Drag the 2 inches to the right, and normally we observe the gradient forming

A priori, in this way, by sliding the colors to the right, you should obtain a kind of rainbow, or at least a sequence of different colors. Admittedly, this is not the easiest technique to implement.

Want to find other useful Instagram tips for your day-to-day use of the social network? Do not hesitate to consult our article on the 20 best tips to know on Instagram.

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