Tour of Jaime Camil and Heidi Balvanera Luxurious Mansion in Los Angeles

Tour Of Jaime Camil And Heidi Balvanera Luxurious Mansion

This is inside the exclusive house that the couple shares with their children, Elena and Jaime, in the state of California

Life led to Jaime Camil already Heidi Balvanera to leave Mexico and settle fully in the city of The Angels, where the actor has been part of various projects, among which is the series ‘Broke’, in which he currently works.

Although both are very reserved with their private lives, that has not been an impediment for them to share with their followers some details of their home.

Through some videos and photographs, Jaime and Heidi have allowed us to see what their life is like inside their mansion in the company of Elena and Jaime, her two sons.

Living room

Passing the main entrance is a wall where the couple decided to hang several pictures that reflect what their family life is like.

On the opposite side to the wall, they have a living room, which is made up of a gray sofa with space for six people, a single one in a darker tone, a glass coffee table decorated with various photo frames.


Its kitchen is very wide and open. It is made up of a white cupboard and its appliances are stainless steel.

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In the center, they have an island that is used to wash dishes, to prepare food, and as a breakfast bar.

In addition to a breakfast area, the couple also has a round table surrounded by stools, which expands their table capacity and makes it a much more comfortable space. It was even the place chosen by the family to make homeschooling during the quarantine.

Television room

In front of the kitchen is the TV room, a space equipped with a gray ‘Ele’ sofa, a dark gray coffee table, a wall-mounted television, as well as a fireplace that turns into the best ally of the family in the cold season.

They also have an individual white armchair, a floor lamp, and a small battery where your children take their first steps in music.

The unique touch is given by the pictures that their children have painted and that the couple decided to hang under the large mirror that decorates the room.

Dining room

The dining room has an elongated rectangular table with space for 10 chairs.

In addition to its furniture, the room also stands out for its natural lighting thanks to the windows that surround it.


To one side of the dining room is the living room, which consists of a light-colored sofa in the shape of ‘Ele’, a fireplace, as well as an octagonal mirror with a silver frame.

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In their garden, in addition to being surrounded by large trees, they also have a tumbling, a basketball basket, an inflatable slide, as well as a pool, in which the smallest members of the house like to swim during the hot season.

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