towards a launch by 2025?

Apple Car

For several years now, the Apple Car project has been mentioned by experts from the tech giant. And if, as usual, Apple has never formalized this idea, many clues seem to confirm it.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, development is said to be accelerating under the leadership of Apple Watch software manager Kevin Lynch, who has taken over the project since the start of the school year, replacing Doug Field, who joined Ford. Since his arrival, the framework of the Apple brand would rely heavily on autonomous driving devices for the car.

A car that would immediately put Apple in the big leagues

In detail, Mark Gurman reports the date of 2025, which would now be the deadline set internally for the launch of the Apple Car. According to the expert’s sources, the company has reached ” key stages in the development of the system “And already has” completed much of the groundwork “.

A chip dedicated to autonomous driving would thus already be designed. Very sophisticated, the processor should require ” a sophisticated cooling system “. If Apple holds its bet, it would clearly replace itself as one of the market leaders. As the insider notes, Tesla is still “ probably light years away from offering fully autonomous cars “, While Google’s Waymo has” suffered a wave of departures “.

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Mark Gurman also provides information on the interior of the Apple Car. The latter would be inspired by Canoo’s “Lifestyle Vehicle”. Thus, the passengers are placed on the sides and face each other. The Cupertino company also plans to place a system dedicated to infotainment at the center of the vehicle, the occupancy of passenger time becoming a real stake for the manufacturers of autonomous cars.

Finally, and to complete this project on schedule, the company is talking to many partners and suppliers, and would consider producing in the United States.

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