Toyota GR Corolla, first details of the spicy compact

Toyota GR Corolla, first details of the spicy compact

We know that Toyota has some magic left in the wand and that if they put in, they can still make models that today would be unattainable by many manufacturers, cars that literally leave us speechless like the GR Yaris or the future GR Corolla .

After having put the honey on our lips with the GR Yaris and knowing that they are capable of producing impressive products with a pull among fans and followers of the brand and with more than guaranteed sales, we have learned that lThe brand has plans to grow its sports range.

GR Corolla

As we told you several months ago, it seems that the brand has plans to expand the GR brand and eye, because we are not talking about the GR86.Toyota GR

As far as we have been able to know, the brand registered the denominations GR Corolla, C-HR GR-Sport and C-HR GR-S.

If we start to observe the cast we can see that the GR Corolla makes a lot of sense and that the Japanese manufacturer is most likely thinking of standing up to compact “spicy” models like the Civic Type Rthe cupra leon or the Megane RS.

With a small reduction in weight, a good set-up of steering, suspension, mass balance and with the GR Yaris engine with a slight increase in power that will touch even more than 300 hp, Toyota could offer a worthy sports compact that by the way, today, from the Toyota USA Instagram account, they have timidly shown.

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GR Corolla engine

Remember that the engine GR Yaris is a new unit three cylinder with turbocharger with innovations such as piston cooling with multi-oil injection, large-diameter exhaust valves and a machined intake port. With a displacement of 1,618 cm3develop a maximum of 192 kW / 261 hp and 360Nm of torque.

With a little more “tightening” this mechanics could get even closer to those long-awaited 300 hp on average for the segment in question and the tuning and a small weight reduction associated with a 6-speed manual transmission would take care of the rest. How would you see it?

What has left us slightly more unsettled has been the registration of the GR C-HR and this would mean that the brand would be willing to raise the sports range to the successful SUV segment, something that could certainly work considering the success of the model…

Will you stay with the Toyota GR Yaris or would you make the jump to the GR Corolla?

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