Toyota regains first position

Toyota regains first position

After mastering the Google searches in 2019, BMW has returned to second place and Toyota has regained the title of the most searched car brand on Google in 2020.

According to data analyzed by Compare the Market, during the last three years we have attended a battle between Toyota and BMW, with Mercedes-Benz ranking third every year.

Data reveals search results for 158 countries in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The most recent data set shows that Toyota was the most sought after brand one third (34.8%) of all countries analyzed, which represents a considerable improvement from 17.7%. % past year. The automaker’s search volume in 2020 was around 88.02 million.

Toyota announced and launched a wide range of vehicles in 2020. New model launches such as the GR Yaris, Yaris Cross and the launch of the C + pod took place over the past year.

Toyota regains first position

Conversely, BMW experienced a significant decline from 2019 to 2020, where the brand was number one in 118 countries in 2019 and only 34 countries in 2020. This change reflected a drop of almost 64% in search volume.

Despite occupying only the first position in 2019, BMW has proven to be the most sought after car brand when analyzing the three-year period and is that it represents 38.3% of all searches compared to 31.3% of Toyota.

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Toyota wasn’t the only brand to see a surge in popularity in 2020. Brands like Kia and Ford posted increases, ranking fourth and fifth respectively, just below Mercedes. Benz. Both Kia and Ford shared last place in 2019, each appearing as number one in a single country.

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