Transfer of a car: Costs and prices

Transfer of a car: Costs and prices

After analyzing in detail all the procedures necessary to carry out the change of name of a car, as well as everything you should take into account when doing so, today we are going to focus on revealing the car transfer price.

Like everything in this world, the cost of transferring a car It varies depending on the chosen model and the number of years it is, so we are going to break down the data on a specific model as best as possible so that you can later calculate the transfer price of your particular car.

What is the price of a car transfer?

In this case we are going to choose a Renault Mégane for being one of the best-selling second-hand models in Spain. More specifically, we are going to choose a Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi Energy Zen 130 from 2017, since for years it serves us well for example.

The price of transferring a car to the Treasury

As we discussed in the article about the name change of a car, the Tax of asset transactions and documented legal acts it varies between 4% and 8% depending on the Autonomous Community. We are going to take 4% as a reference.

Be careful with this because there are communities where the percentages vary depending on the amount we are going to pay for the car. In this case, the document used to settle before the Treasury or the Autonomous Community the taxes derived from the transmission of used vehicles, boats or aircraft between individuals is the Model 620.

First you must pay the transfer to the estate

A car can have several values ​​(the market value, the new value, the second-hand value, the replacement value …) however, the one that matters to us here is the value of the car before the Treasury, more popularly known as the venal value of the car. In the link you have all the details about it.

The value that the Treasury gives to a car assesses the age of a certain model with certain equipment and motorization.

This assessment is made without taking into account aspects such as the state of conservation, some extras, maintenance or kilometers. Annually, the Ministry of Economy and Finance it gives each of the models, variants and mechanics a value and publishes it in the BOE within an updated table to which it is necessary to apply some age coefficients.

seniority transfer efficiency agents

To put a simile, the value of the car for the Treasury is similar to the cadastral value of a house, come on, which is the value that the Treasury tells you that you have to take as a reference for the payment of taxes.

In this way, we must go to the tables of the Tax Agency to know how much is our car worth for Hacienda In the link you have our tutorial on the value of the car for the Treasury, with tables and calculators; while in the image above you can see part of this year’s table.

As you can see in it, our car for Hacienda is worth 20,600 euros new, but as it is from 2017 we must go to Depreciation schedule. In it we discovered that, since the car is between 3 and 4 years old, we must calculate 56% of this value.

Depreciation schedule

Thus, we have left that the value of the car for the Treasury in 2020 is 11,536 euros. Now, we must calculate the amount of the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) on that figure, that is, we have to calculate 4% of the 11,536 euros, what they have been 461.44 euros.

This amount is the one that we must pay to the Treasury for a car that at the time cost around 20,600 euros – according to the Treasury tables – and is now between 3 and 4 years old. Logically, in those communities where the percentage of ITP is higher, we will have to pay more.

The price of the transfer of a car before Traffic

Once the Tax has been settled before the Treasury, we must go to Traffic by appointment and there we will fill in the vehicle transmission request document. You will have to bring the following:

  1. Copy of the buyer’s National Identity Document (DNI).
  2. Copy of the National Identity Document (DNI) of the seller.
  3. Document or Driving Permit for the vehicle in question.
  4. Original Vehicle Technical Inspection Card (ITV). It must be valid as of the transfer request date.
  5. Annual Tax Declaration on mechanical traction vehicles. It must be issued by the City Council.
  6. Tax return of patrimonial transfers and documented legal acts (Form 620).
  7. Payment of the Traffic Tax: There are three forms of payment, online on the official Traffic website; with your bank card at the Traffic Headquarters and with a bank account charge; or in cash at financial institutions (Model 791).
  8. Sales contract signed by the buyer and the seller in which the details of the vehicle and of the parts must be fully recorded. In addition you must reflect the value of the transaction according to the tables that I have previously mentioned and we explain in an article that talks about what the car is worth to the Treasury.
  9. Official and original vehicle transmission form, issued by the DGT.

vehicle classification

Remember that from the contract you will need three copies, one for the buyer, one for the seller and one for the Treasury and Traffic.

Yes, the DGT will also put the saucepan when you make the transmission of the vehicle. Changes in ownership of circulation permits are associated with a rate of 54.60 euros, while for mopeds it is 27.30 euros. Here you have all the information regarding the payment of fees.

In total, what is the price of the car transfer?

Well, as you can see, it will vary depending on the brand, model, place of residence of the buyer and age, but in the case of this Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi Energy Zen 130 of 2017, we speak a total of 516.04 euros with taxes and fees already included.

How much do I save if I transfer the car myself?

If you do this through an agency, you should know that you must add between 50 and 200 euros for the procedures. Do not forget that if you do it, you will lose a morning, but if you are fast both at the Treasury office of your autonomous community and at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters you will save yourself a peak and learn to do something new.

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