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Trezor will incorporate direct and programmed purchase of Bitcoin through the wallet interface - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The feature will be available natively for users of Trezor when the next update comes in May this year. This will allow wallet owners to buy from Trezor Suite linking to your bank account, and receive the funds directly in the wallet without the need for centralized exchanges.


The cryptocurrency exchange linked to cryptocurrency hardware Trezor,, announced an alliance with the platform for trading BTC SwanBitcoin, with which it will allow direct purchases through the aforementioned physical wallet.

Direct and programmed purchases of Bitcoin through Trezor

The announcement was made during the cycle of conferences for this April 8 of the event Bitcoin 2022, where the representatives of the aforementioned companies shared the stage and described the alliance as one more step to facilitate investors BTC the purchase and self-custody of their digital assets, with which they will be able to dispense with an exchange and the need to leave their funds there in case they want to carry out commercial operations.

The alliance will allow invity integrate a api from Swan through Trezor Suite, the interface handled by Trezor for users to manage their crypto funds hosted on the physical device. As of today, a new button is available that will allow device owners to make purchases of Bitcoin, incorporating the possibility of programming recurring investments, linking the products to a US bank account.

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The latter will make it possible to automatically and programmed successive purchases in periods set by the user, with which funds will arrive to the wallet. BTC according to the planning made by the owner of the device trezor, and the funds will go directly to the aforementioned hardware.

In this regard, the director and manager of SwanBitcoinStephan Livera commented:

“By offering new users an easy way to buy bitcoin in the amount they want and at the time they want, anyone can benefit from dollar cost averaging while keeping their investment as safe as possible.”

Custody of funds and centralized exchanges

The move was celebrated by enthusiasts and investors, as this constitutes an important advance for users of Trezor can directly acquire funds BTC without this implying the transfer of the same through different platforms before reaching the user’s wallet.

In recent times, various figures in the ecosystem have strongly criticized the issue of custody and the position of centralized exchanges, precisely because the latter, as regulated entities that operate in certain jurisdictions, would be obliged to retain funds if the responsible governments so dictate. . This was confirmed by the CEO of coinbase, Brian Armstrong, who despite being against these types of measures, unfortunately had to accept that they would be in the painful duty of complying with them if that were the case.

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The harshest criticism in this regard was made by the CEO of kraken, Jesse Powell, who invited users not to leave their funds in accounts of the exchange he presides over or other centralized ones, this in response to the measures taken by the Canadian government to block accounts after the protests promoted by the trucking sector of the country.

These benefits associated with purchases of Bitcoin will be available from the next update for Trezor Suite, which will take place sometime next May.

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