Heroes with face masks: a tribute to nurses for their effort

Héroes con cubrebocas: este es un homenaje a enfermeras y enfermeros por su esfuerzo

Learn about the history of this beautiful tribute to nurses for all their effort and dedication. They are the heroes of the country.

We are in the transition to the new normal, but the struggle of Coronavirus in Mexico and in the world it continues by the hand of the heroes without capes, but with masks: this is a tribute to nurses and male nurses.

It is true that the pandemic has plunged the world into unexplored territory and has left us feeling defenseless against an unknown virus, but in all this time they, the nurses, have been very strong to be at when they are most you need them.

its social work so dedicated did that Lubriderm recognizes his vocation and love for him health care through his campaign «Let’s take care of the hands that take care of us«.

Heroes With Face Masks: Tribute to nurses for their effort

«Let’s take care of the hands that take care of us» Is a campaign with which the brand thanked them with a product kit that was sent to them for everything they do for you and for everyone.

Lubriderm has been with them for more than 15 years, since they, by constantly washing their hands due to hospital hygiene measures, need to take much more care of their hands.

When it comes to moisturizing and caring for the hands, the “heroes with face masks” know perfectly well that in Lubriderm they find the best products to do it.

Thanks to the nurses for being so brave and for being there when the country needs them most.

Join the thanks for their work in the simplest way: when you meet one of them, do not hesitate to express your gratitude. When you do, just promise us that you will cry to us.

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