Triumph manufactures its one millionth motorcycle | Motorcycles

Triumph manufactures its one millionth motorcycle | Motorcycles

Triumph will celebrate next year its 120th anniversary. The most iconic motorcycle brand in the world United Kingdom has gone through different stages in that long time, since it was sold his first unit in 1902. The most fruitful and consolidated is the recent one, three decades in which the company has been under the direction of Nick Bloor.

This particular businessman, his CEO since 1990, has placed Triumph in a privileged position in the international market, to the point that its British factory of Hinckley just came out unit one million of all those produced by the brand in this period.

Triumph exports to 57 countries, through 700 dealers, their products from the headquarters in Britain and also from its plant in Thailand. The one million motorcycle it has been manufactured at home, it is specifically a Tiger 900 Rally Pro exclusively decorated to commemorate such a landmark event.

This Tiger, unique with its silver colors and million-dollar graphics, will remain exposed in the experience zone for Hinckley visitors, in a space created specifically to celebrate next year the 120th anniversary Of the brand. By then, Triumph is planning a series of meetings, activities and events specials throughout the year, sharing the event with his followers from all over the world.

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Nick Bloor, its CEO, has expressed his satisfaction for the evolution of the company: “During the 31 years that have passed since we relaunched Triumph, we have shared a multitude of good times with our fans around the world. Since returning to Isle of Man TT and get to paddock MotoGP as the exclusive supplier of Moto2 engines until boosting the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, to mention just a few. Triumph’s success has always stemmed from passion and commitment that we share with motorists. I am pleased to be able to say, without fear of being wrong, that the future for Triumph and its fans around the world it will be so exciting and fruitful as they have been the last 30 years ”.

The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900.

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