Tron founder will give 1 million ETH to those who fork Ethereum before the Fusion

Key facts:
  • Justin Sun maintains that he will support developers and community of the network that is forked from Ethereum.

  • The Ethereum hard fork would duplicate the transaction history, creating a new balance.

Justin Sun, founder of Tron (TRX), is taking a position on the next Ethereum upgrade, which would arrive in September.

Through a Tweetbusinessman expressed his intention to make a million dollar donation to the community and developers who promote an Ethereum forkbefore the Fusion occurs (The Merge) and change its consensus mechanism to proof of stake (PoS).

“We currently have over 1 million ETH. If the Ethereum hard fork is successful, we will donate part of the ETHW hard fork to the community and developers to build the Ethereum ecosystem,” the tweet read.

In other words, the donation will not be from the current ether (ETH), but from the currency that arises as a product of the fork. With the understanding that a hard fork (or hard fork) duplicates a transaction history, the balance declared by Justin Sun would be reflected in the new blockchain, whether its denomination is expressed in ETHW or another.

It must also be considered that 1 million of these new ethers could have a different market price than ETHpossibly lower (since this is what has happened with previous “unofficial” forks).

The tweet that Justin Sun wrote is a response to a statement from an exchange. In it, Poloniex states that he is preparing to list potential cryptocurrencies arising from the Ethereum hard fork.

The potential fork of Ethereum

As the Ethereum Meltdown approaches, where the network would adopt proof of stake (PoS) instead of proof of work (PoW)some miners and part of the community are preparing to execute a possible fork that allows them to continue mining this network.

Let us briefly recall that the change that the Ethereum developer team intends to make would eliminate the participation of minerswho have made large investments for this activity.

As a consequence, an influential miner declared a few days ago that he is in favor of a new Ethereum hard fork. “I forked once and I will fork again,” he declared, as we reported on CriptoNoticias.

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, advised the miners of this network to migrate to Ethereum Classic, a network that forked several years ago as a result of a hack to a decentralized organization. For the Russian-Canadian computer scientist, a new merger is unnecessary, if the miners already have a network according to their needs.

Back in March, Ethereum Classic had already set its stance on the next Ethereum upgrade. They will adopt Ethereum miners who are displaced by the change.

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