Try a handful of cashews a day to lower high cholesterol

Prueba un puñito de anarcados al día para reducir el colesterol alto

Cashews are liquid gold for health. Containing the perfect ratio of healthy fats, proteins and minerals, they are a medicinal treasure especially for heart health and cholesterol.

The anarchists They belong to the family of nuts, although in reality it is a seed. They’re a botanical curiosity since at the same time they produce a dried fruit and fresh fruit. They are obtained from a tree that bears the same name originally from brazilalthough due to its great popularity They are currently grown in many countries with a warm climate.

This fruit is housed under a hard shell that has a peculinate kidney shape and ivory color. These little fruits are a nutritional treasure which stands out for its extraordinary antioxidant content and other nutrients which in particular have positive effects on control of lipids in the blood, although other health benefits are also attributed to them.

A little about the nutritional composition of cashews:

Between the great nutritional qualities of the cashew nuts is its perfect fat ratioIn fact, when they were not so popular, many people used to avoid their consumption for this reason. However if consumed in adequate amounts are considered a magnificent nutritional and medicinal ally.

Cashews contain the perfect ratio of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are very close to ratio 1: 2: 1 that nutrition specialists consider ideal. Broadly speaking, this means that they contain twice or more than monounsaturated fatty acids such as those found in olive oil, which are known to be the best ally of the cardiovascular system. They stand out for having more healthy fat than most nuts, such as peanuts, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Another nutritional aspect that makes them unique is due to their wonderful mineral wealth, specifically they have abundant amounts of copper and magnesium two of the minerals that more scarce in the diet of many people. In the case of copper, it is essential for red blood cell formation, so they are key in the immune system function and also in the maintenance of bones, hair, blood vessels, skin and nerves.

For his part magnesium is an essential substance for the functioning of the nervous system and skeletal muscle. Another advantage is in its high iron content, which is vital for the transport of oxygen to cells.

They are also rich in high-quality protein and contain greater amount of tryptophan than any other food. This last substance is related to great qualities for relax the nervous system, improves mood and helps regulate sleep.

Why are they good for lowering cholesterol?

Walnuts have always been associated with beneficial food for cardiovascular health. The good news is that the power of cashews to lower cholesterol has been tested by a recent scientific study.

Both men and women participated in this study, all the participants had high levels of “bad” cholesterol or LDL in the blood. At the same time everyone followed one typical american diet. The results were surprising since those people who added to their diet between 28 and 64 gramscashew nuts for 4 weekssignificantly improved their lipidic profile.

According to specialists, the benefits of cashews for lower high cholesterol levels should be to the type of fat they provide. At the same time it influences its content in phytosterols, which has been found to alter the intestinal cholesterol metabolism. And its wealth also influences antioxidants and fiber.

exist other studies that confirm what you can do a handful of cashews a day (or at least 4 times a week). This consumption is related to a 37% decrease in risk, which is very significant.

It also influences its content in antioxidant plant compounds such as squalene and tocopherols, which together with The fitoesteroles come together to reduce the risk of suffer heart disease.

The good news is that integrating cashews as part of the daily food It is very simple, they are delicious and They combine very well with all kinds of dishes. They go wonderfully with different rice preparations, sautéed with vegetables, in rich and abundant salads and they are a wonderful snack.


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