TSMC is already working on future chips engraved in 3 nm

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If Apple itself designs the chips for the iPhone and Macs, the firm needs the Taiwanese company TSMC to manufacture these components. Also, the evolution of the Cupertino company’s chips therefore depends on the evolution of the technologies used by this supplier. And the good news is that TSMC is already considering the next generation of processors, which will be engraved in 3 nm.

As a reminder, the latest iPhone chips (like the A15 Bionic) and Mac (like the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max) are chips engraved in 5 nm. And normally, next year Apple should start using 4nm etched chips.

But at the same time, TSMC is already starting to work on the chips engraved in 3 nm for the future products of the firm. In any case, this is what is indicated by an article published this week by the MacRumours site, which relays a publication from DigiTimes.

According to this article, TSMC would begin production of chips engraved in 3 nm at the end of 2022. And the first Apple products taking advantage of this technology would arrive on the market in 2023. The media mentions the A17 Bionic chip for the iPhone, but also the chip ” M3 ”for Macs.

As a reminder, engraving technology is important. In fact, by developing it, TSMC will allow its customers, including Apple, to have more efficient processors, with better energy efficiency.

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Note also that currently, rumors are already circulating about the chips that Apple will use in 2022. Normally, next year, the firm will launch Macs using the M2 chip. And this could be engraved in 4 nm.

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