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While it was already Apple’s only supplier for iPhone chips, the Taiwanese group TSMC has also been supplying Mac chips since the Cupertino company decided to abandon Intel processors in favor of its Apple Silicon chips. .

And apparently, thanks to the iPhone but also to computers from Apple, this supplier expects a significant increase in its income this year. This is in any case what is suggested by an article recently published by the MacRumours site, which relays a DigiTimes publication.

A 25% increase in chip shipments for Apple?

While Apple is in the process of completing the transition of Macs from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips, TSMC would expect a 25% increase in revenue generated through its collaboration with the Cupertino company. In addition, still according to the same sources, TSMC would remain for the moment the only supplier of chips to Apple. Indeed, Samsung (which also manufactures chips) would face performance problems, while collaboration with Intel would be unlikely.

For the year 2022, TSMC would generate $17 billion by supplying chips to Apple. In 2021, these revenues would have been $13.8 billion.

And moreover, the Cupertino company would have already secured access to the next technologies of this Taiwanese supplier. As a reminder, the M1 chip of the Macs, as well as the A15 chip of theiPhone 13 are engraved in 5 nm.

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But TSMC is already working on more advanced technologies, which will produce more powerful and more energy-efficient chips.

TSMC is expected to start producing 3nm chips in the second half of 2022. And according to the latest rumors, Apple has even already placed orders for 2nm chips to be delivered by TSMC in 2025.

The new M2 chip should be official this year

Of course, as this information is not from an official source, caution is advised. But in any case, what is certain is that 2022 will be an important year for Macs, which should increase TSMC’s order book.

Indeed, to finalize the transition to Apple Silicon chips, Apple should unveil a significant number of new Macs this year, as well as a new generation of processors: the M2 series.

Moreover, in a recent article, we mentioned the development of this chip which, according to Asian sources, could be presented as early as this first half of 2022. Since the M1 chip was presented at the WWDC 2020 conference, it It cannot be ruled out that the M2 chip will be unveiled at the WWDC 2022 conference which will be organized in June. As for the products, according to rumors, Apple could launch up to 9 new Macs using this chip.

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