Apple iPhone TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of...

TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of 2020


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TSMC held its financial conference this weekend before issuing a press release announcing very good results for this fourth and last quarter of 2020.

TSMC is one of Apple’s main subcontractors and the company’s good figures can be explained in large part by the success of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro at the end of the year. The firm announced consolidated revenue of $ 12.68 billion for this quarter, an increase of 22% over the same period last year.

The company behind the bulk of Apple’s 5nm chips has seen its backlog grow in recent months. Today, one in five chips produced by TSMC uses 5nm technology. Wendell Huang, Vice President and CFO of TSMC explains: “Our fourth quarter business was supported by strong demand for our industry-leading 5 nanometer technology, driven by 5G smartphone launches (iPhone 12). “

A TSMC factory in the United States?

According to information from Bloomberg, who was present at the financial conference, the company plans to invest $ 28 billion during this year 2021. It has also been mentioned that TSMC is coming to build a factory in the United States, specifically in Arizona, to serve customers from Uncle Sam’s country more quickly.

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An investment which shows the new ambitions of TSMC which sees clearly that there is a place to be taken in the semiconductor field. The main market leader, Intel, is in the midst of a crisis and has just appointed a new CEO to save the ship.

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This appointment could coincide with TSMC’s desire to take the lead in chip production even further. The historic American company could indeed place an order in the coming months to TSMC to subcontract the production of its processors. It would be a great first for Intel, and an admission of weakness for the American company which has always wanted to produce its own parts.

A record year 2020

If the health crisis shut down many companies in 2020, TSMC has had one of its best years. The Taiwanese firm has indeed seen its share price jump by more than 70% during the year. A dynamic that should not be reversed in the coming months. TSMC continues to maintain a considerable lead over its main competitors and with clients like Apple and Intel (nothing official has yet been signed with Intel, but it could happen quite quickly) TSMC has every chance to take even more share in this booming market.


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- Advertisement -TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of 2020TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of 2020

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- Advertisement -TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of 2020TSMC reports strong results for its last quarter of 2020

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