Tu Cara Me Sona 2: Manny Cruz wins ‘the favorite’ by the public vote

Tu Cara Me Sona 2: Manny Cruz wins 'the favorite' by the public vote

Manny Cruz.

Manny Cruz.

Photo: Manny Cruz/Courtesy

Surprise for some, deserved for most… Manny Cruz wins ‘the favorite’ of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ by the public vote above the rest of his peers.

We and TelevisaUnivision are not wrong last night when Michael Stuart was presented as the great winner in the finalalthough this Monday we confirm that Manny is also the winner.

Because both? Because Michael won by the accumulated points throughout the season based on the sum of what the judges and his own teammates gave him during the 7 galas.

In the case of Manny, Last week the possibility was opened that for a few days the public could vote for who for them was the winner and made it their favorite of the second season.

Something similar to what happened in ‘Look Who Dances’ when chef Yisus Díaz won by the vote of the judges, and Aleyda Ortiz by the public vote, being the two winners.

After the final we tell you that, iEven in scoring, the fight for first place was close between these two friends, they were tiedand either of them could win on Sunday night.
Angélica Vale for several galas defined the participation of Manny Cruz as the great surprise of this season, the revelationand the public vote confirmed him crowning him as the favorite, the winner by votes.

What did Manny have to get this far? In addition to talent and charisma, his friendliness, his dedication, not being afraid of anything and taking on each challenge like the last one led him to get on the stage of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ with the certainty that he was going to give it his allregardless of the result.

His debut with David Bisbal singing ‘Ave María’ not only gave him his first win, but he even surprised himself because, as he confessednever thought he could dance like the Spanish singer.

Juan Luis Guerra, Prince Royce, Chayanne, and until this final Carlos Vives, showed that Manny Cruz, in addition to what we have seen in these 12 years of career, has a talent beyond what he even imagined.

A sample It was the second gala he won when he played an incredible Mario Domm, so much so that this Friday he ran into him at Francisca Méndez-Zampogna’s wedding, where they both sang, and Camila’s vocalist congratulated him for what he did and even told him that she was more like him than himself.

This undoubtedly opens up his panorama of professional growth, new audiences and new possibilities to continue growing in one of the things he loves most, music, in addition to his family and his faith in God.



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