twelve subcontractors were “fired” by Apple


Once again, the DRY (Securities and Exchange Commission) – American equivalent of the AMF in France (Financial Markets Authority) – has just received a new document signed Apple. This time, it is a question of taking stock of the partners of the firm which, for some, are very criticized. We remember in particular Foxconn, where the working environment is more than deplorable, even if it is not discussed here.

Twelve other smelters and refiners collaborating with Cupertino have, however, been removed from its production line, following suspicions of mining in areas where armed conflicts are taking place. The choice to terminate the contract with these companies was confirmed following a full audit carried out on their activities throughout 2021.

Several materials pointed out

Among Apple’s targets, these are above all gold, tungsten, tin and tantalum miners who underwent this investigation. More specifically, we find in the text a mention made to the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) as well as a reminder of the Apple’s objective to use minerals “responsible” on a global scale.

It must be said that for the workers at the bottom of the ladder, the risks are major: collapse of the galleries, exposure to toxic gases or even mistreatment by superiors are legion in certain regions of Africa. Not to mention that wages are generally very low there, and that employers go so far as to recruit childrenmore agile, to dig even deeper and up to twelve hours a day.

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Your iPhone has ambition

Beyond the societal dimension of this commitment on the part of Apple, it should be noted that the group also aims to reduce its carbon footprint in order to stop emitting greenhouse gases by 2030. A mission carried out internally by Lisa Jackson, but which also concerns many of the company’s partners since it also intends to take advantage of its indirect stakeholders. Which is not always easy…

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