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All Apple fans are looking forward to WWDC 2022 or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 which will start with a keynote on June 6th. In the meantime, rumors are abounding about the novelties that the Cupertino company could present during this event, while the promotional campaign for it continues.

Recently, for example, Apple published easter eggs in the form of augmented reality on the event page. And now, the WWDC 2022 hashflag is also available on Twitter.

As a reminder, the hashflag is a social network feature that automatically displays an icon next to certain hashtags, generally related to events. The WWDC 2022 hashflag includes the logo of Swift, the programming language developed by Apple.

If you post on Twitter mentioning the hashtag #WWDC22, the symbol will automatically appear next to this hashtag, to make it prettier and at the same time distinguish the conversations around this event.

WWDC 2022: the expected novelties

As its name suggests, the WWDC conference is primarily an event for developers. But the opening keynote is nevertheless eagerly awaited by the general public since it is during this that Apple will present the new versions of its operating systems, and therefore the new features that will be available this fall on Apple products.

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The star of this keynote will naturally be iOS 16, which will bring its share of new features for the iPhone. In the previous article, we took stock of the rumors circulating about the next version of the operating system. Among the new features that could arrive, the possibility of having a screen permanently on to display the time or notifications (on compatible models), as on certain Android devices.

Elements also suggest that the presentation of the augmented reality headset from Apple, and its operating system for AR / VR, realityOS, would be close. And Apple, with its augmented reality teasers, only backs that up.

However, analysts are adamant that Apple’s augmented reality headset won’t be unveiled at WWDC. Indeed, the product would not be ready for this date, and should rather be formalized at the end of the year or even in 2023.

Finally, sources also suggest that Apple may showcase the new M2 chip, as well as a new MacBook Air using this chip, at its conference. But here too, caution is in order. Indeed, due to factory closures in China, Apple is facing supply concerns. And it may not be the right time to launch a new Mac model.

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