Twitter Switches External Links to Dofollow!

If there is still a debate in the SEO community on the direct or indirect impact of social networks on natural referencing, one thing is certain, historically, all the links published on these were nofollow. Simple bug or real novelty here to stay, all external links shared on Twitter are now dofollow!

Links in Tweets, profiles, biographies: they go from nofollow to dofollow!

twitter dofollow links
External links on Twitter no longer contain the nofollow attribute

Info discovered and relayed by Chris Silver Smith on Twitter June 10, 2022, although in noopener noreferrer (like all links in target blank for security reasons), all external links on Twitter no longer have the nofollow attribute and can now pass PageRank.

(For those wondering, the domain used by Twitter for redirects does allow GoogleBot to crawl its URLs from its robots.txt file.)

What impacts?

  • PageRank can now officially go through all external links shared on Twitter (even if a javascript redirection is made, the link is therefore not direct).
  • Twitter accounts quoted (with links) many times on the web will now be able to transmit part of the PageRank collected to the site added in the biography and the links Tweeted by the account.
  • Each Tweet with a link to a web page from a third-party Twitter account may act in the eyes of Google as a “vote” in the same way as a link on a lambda web page (on the other hand, we have no certainty about the fact that Google does not algorithmically devalue the weight of these links).
  • Links tweeted from Twitter accounts could potentially index faster in Google.

How to check it?

Simply right-click and then “Inspect Element” (or “Inspect” depending on the web browser used) on any profile link on Twitter or on any Tweet to analyze the a href tag of the link and discover that the short link redirecting in javascript to the final link is no longer in nofollow.

Although it is not guaranteed that this change will last over time, it is in any case good news for all Twitter accounts that have been quoted many times across the web (with dofollow links).

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