Apple iPhone Two foldable iPhones in preparation at Apple

Two foldable iPhones in preparation at Apple


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After the connected car a few weeks earlier, here are new images reaching us about a hypothetical smartphone to the Galaxy Fold at Apple. And this time around, it’s not just rumors: it’s plans from a patent duly registered by the apple mark that illustrate the device.

In detail, we can see the structure of the hinged mechanism that could equip such a iPhone. Objective for inventors: to secure the intellectual property of their creation, in order to avoid any plagiarism. But impractical to develop a project in secret, therefore, and without even violating the manufacturer’s privacy policy.

© Apple / USPTO

Potential timeline

To date, however, one can wonder about the temporality of such a cell phone. Indeed, the success of the folding screen models is still quite relative to the time of the fourth quarter of 2020. Moreover, their price is also very high compared to that of the best classic mobiles.

For example, Apple’s smart glasses have still not seen the light of day either. Finally, this is only a simple administrative process. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether there is a working prototype at this time.

Two foldable iPhones in preparation at Apple

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- Advertisement -Two foldable iPhones in preparation at AppleTwo foldable iPhones in preparation at Apple

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- Advertisement -Two foldable iPhones in preparation at AppleTwo foldable iPhones in preparation at Apple

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