Two new Macs on the way to WWDC on June 6

Apple Silicon

In less than two months, the next Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will be held in Cupertino. For the occasion, Apple should undoubtedly lift the veil on a new edition of macOS but also on iOS 16 and watchOS 9. In general, it is thus the software that is highlighted during the event, so that the participants can discover them from all angles before updating the services that they offer on the App Store accordingly.

However, sometimes products are also presented there, but this has not happened since 2019, when the last Mac Pro was born. However, this one is just beginning to date: it is also the only Apple machine that has not yet been entitled to the transition to its proprietary chips with ARM architecture.

Mac Pro 2022

According to the newsletter power-on published each week by the journalist of Bloomberg Mark Gurman, two Macs could be announced at WWDC 2022, possibly including an iMac Pro as we thought it was on the sidelines. The former editor of 9to5Mac also evokes the case of the Mac Pro, still considered by many to be the system the most powerful currently sold in Apple Store.

For now, the tower – which is also available in rackmount – is “content” with Intel processors. A passage to Homemade CPU from the manufacturer seems quite logical for the next version, which would be accompanied by tenfold performance to mark the occasion. It is also rumored that motherboards being prepared will soon be quite capable of this…

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MacBook (“Air”?)

Beyond this device, it is also the repair of the famous MacBook Air that is long overdue. And this for almost eighteen months now, while the MacBook Pros have been revisited every year since their release.

On the technical side, Apple would offer for this laptop a size / screen ratio never seen before, at the cost of a notch to cut out the camera. But it is above all the design which would change, abandoning the iconic finesse of the “Air” range or even perhaps this famous suffix. Some already see it as a return to the classic MacBook, whose production stopped in July 2019.

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