Two privacy tools ousted from macOS Ventura


Earlier this week we told you about the key benefits of iCloud+, Apple’s paid online storage service. Among them, a feature allows to hide your real email address by replacing it with another randomly generated one, so as not to communicate your details, for example when registering on unreliable sites.

Available from macOS Monterey, this solution would update with macOS Ventura (see compatible machines), new version of the operating system for Apple computers expected for this fall. The problem is that the page that lists all the new features of the software has just seen the mention of the change in question disappear, which offered to use masking with third-party apps…

For later ?

Some will notice that the option is still listed on some Apple sites edited in languages ​​other than English, however it’s probably only a matter of time before they are also edited in a similar way. In this case, one wonders if Cupertino has simply decided to abandon email masking on third-party apps or if it is a simple delay.

In the first case, there are online alternatives to download to your Mac, some of which are free and may do the trick. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be surprising if this feature actually suffered some delays. This is what can happen when the developers who test the betas (that of macOS Ventura has been accessible since June) report serious bugs, which Cupertino does not think they can fix before the final version of september.

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End of multiple network configurations

With macOS Ventura have also been revisited the System Preferences. Except that, concern: here too, a feature has disappeared from some testers of the beta version. It is the ability to create multiple network configurationsfor example in the case where you want to favor Wi-Fi at home and 5G in public transport, in a completely automatic way.

According to Apple, the removal of this tool is wanted. In any case, this is what the apple firm responded to a user in distress who shared his misadventure on Twitter…

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