Two years late for the Apple Watch Series 8 chip?

Apple Watch Series 7 concept

A new rumor signed Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) ensures that the Apple Watch Series 8 will retain the same processor as Series 7, currently available in stores. Theoretically, the performance of the accessory could therefore be the same, even though the manufacturer has a habit of offering products that are always more powerful than their previous generations.

The Apple Watch Series 7 chip is, according to the manufacturer, a S7. But after its release, early developers looked at its specs and realized that it was actually the same component that powers the Series 6. Once, okay. But two? Customers are likely to see red. However, it would not be directly the fault of Cupertino…

Outsourcing issues

Indeed, we know that for several months now Asia has been experiencing a shortage of spare parts that some are already calling a “crisis” of processors. This would seriously penalize the production circuits of the Apple brand, which cannot ignore the improvements planned for its best product in terms of sales: the iPhone.

It is for this reason that the Apple Watch may have faded into the background, and its processor will remain a S6. But this watch will be delivered with watchOS 9, which as often should consume less energy thanks to software optimizations. Apple having control of both this aspect and the hardware, it is then only a question of synchronization.

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Release date and availability

The Apple Watch Series 8 should be unveiled during a keynote this fall, if the habits of the brand do not change. In the meantime, app creators can test watchOS 9 exclusively if they have a developer account on the App Store. This one is paid and also allows you to try the advance versions of macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

For Series 8, Ming-Chi Kuo announces that a body temperature sensor will be included. Good news for this wearable which also aims to be health-oriented, and which echoes the next second generation AirPods Pro which could carry a heart rate sensor.

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