7 types of delicious and healthy pizzas that you can prepare in no time

7 types of delicious and healthy pizzas that you can prepare in no time
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Who said that the pizzas were junk food? There are different variables to eat healthy pizzas, everything lies in the type of flour (or other ingredient) you use to make the dough, and in the main content of your pizza. Cheese is essential, it will provide some extra calories but it will undoubtedly improve your mood and that is also health.

The pizzas are delicious and practical, as well as cheap in most countries, and best of all, they have infinite combinations. Here is a list of seven healthy options to cook at home and treat yourself.

The star ingredient is tuna, one of the richest and healthiest fish. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids so, with this pizza, you will be taking care of your cardiovascular health. You can combine it with egg and extra virgin olive oil, which provides antioxidants. The mozzarella cheese is a must, and it goes very well with tomato, onion, pepper and zucchini.

Mushrooms have a unique flavor that many adore. This pizza also contains cheese, peppers, tomatoes and an egg. Eggs contain essential amino acids, and tomatoes and peppers provide vitamin C. In addition, we recommend mozzarella cheese that protects the bones by providing vitamin D. Ideal for those who constantly exercise.

Ideal for lovers of strong flavors, not recommended for those who suffer from heartburn or gastritis. A colorful pizza that you will fall in love not only for its fun look, but also for the smell and taste. Sauté the peppers (green, orange, red, and yellow) with onions and garlic in olive oil and pour them onto a melted cheese mat. Peppers are a good source of vitamin C. An extra touch? Fresh basil

The controversial pizza. Not everyone closes the idea of ​​the bittersweet or of putting fruit on our pizza. However, lovers of good food know that trying never hurts. This fruit is an important source of bromelain, an enzyme that facilitates digestion. The ideal combination is with ham, which provides protein.

Although, on many occasions the olives are part of the pizza’s decoration, this time we propose them as the protagonists and they combine perfectly with the tomato, to give an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Both ingredients provide vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Asparagus, combined with zucchini and peppers. In addition to a delicacy, you will have in one pizza diuretic effects (from zucchini), protein (from asparagus) and high potassium and low sodium (from peppers). A very original variant.

Salmon has a high content of omega 3 fatty acids, which is why it is considered a cardioprotective food.
It works very well with pickles that offer vitamin C and carotenes and that act as antioxidants. As an extra: arugula leaves that provide a striking color and in addition to vitamins A, C and K.

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