12 Types of Diet: Know Which Is the most suitable for you

12 tipos de alimentación: cuál es el más adecuado para ti

Sometimes maintaining a style of feeding that we like is a matter that deserves a lot of attention so that our health is not compromised. If you have trouble doing this, you may type of food to help you to establish a suitable diet for you. Here we talk about them.

Types Of Diet

1. Autotrophic nutrition

According to an article on the Psychology and Mind portal, autotrophic nutrition is the type of diet of the living beings that produce their own food by the synthesis of organic substances. Plants are a notable example of this type of diet.

2. Heterotrophic nutrition

The type of diet of living beings that require an external power supply. This type of food is divided into three categories: parasitic, saprophytic, and holozoic, which is typical of human beings.

3. Carbohydrate feeding

Is the diet based primarily on carbohydrates, which are the most important source of energy for the body? This diet is not particularly pleasant for those who want to lose weight.

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4. Protein diet

The diet based mainly on proteins, which are the structural nutrients of cells.

5. Fat feeding

Like carbohydrates and proteins, fat provides energy for the human body. However, for every gram of fat we consume, we absorb 9 grams of calories, which can harm us if we do not have control over it.

6. Vitamin diet

Vitamins are micronutrients that the body needs for the absorption of other nutrients. They also regulate some metabolic functions.

7. Mineral feed

It is the diet that prioritizes minerals, which are components that shape bones, teeth, and nails. Just like vitamins, they are very useful for enzymes.

8. Veganism

Veganism is the behavior of the individual who decides to not consume food of animal origin and, in general, do not use anything that involves the death of animals. Thus, vegans do not eat meat, dairy, honey, or eggs.

9. Vegetarianism

A vegetarian is a person whose diet is mainly based on vegetables. However, there are ways in which the consumption of vegetables is accompanied by other foods, such as milk.

10. Emotional feeding

The diet associated with emotional problems or psychological disorders. For example, a person who goes through a period of anxiety may consume more fatty foods and not be aware of it.

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11. Sports nutrition

Food whose purpose is to increase athletic or physical performance. It is also related to improving physical appearance and bodybuilding.

12. Healthy nutrition

As its name suggests, it is food-oriented consumption of products that promote our well-being.

Reflect on which of the above types of diet is most associated with you so that you can decide whether to continue with what you are doing, or make a change that is more beneficial to you and leads to a coherent and positive diet for your Health.

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