LifeStyle Food 7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico


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Mexican gastronomy has a lot to offer, so if you visit Mexico do not forget to try its strong flavors, yes, get ready to burn.

In the diet of Mexicans you can not miss the famous chiles (very hot peppers), but tasty. Coriander, avocado, and roasted meats are also allies of Mexican food. Below, we present a list with seven types of hamburgers very popular in the Aztec country that will make you want to be there, or at least prepare at home.

Most Popular Types Of Hamburgers In Mexico

Burger Al Pastor

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

The Burger Al Pastor is combined with beef and pork that is previously seasoned with a special condiment called achiote, spices, and ground red chili. In the original preparation, the meat is stacked in pieces and cooked on an iron stake that rotates to roast all the parts. The piece of meat is then sliced ​​into small pieces to add to the burger. This method is known as “al pastor”. Two other essential ingredients for it to have the authentic Mexican flavor are pineapple and coriander.

Burger Jalapeño

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

The meat that is usually used for this type of hamburger is called “arrachera”, which is very popular in Mexico and is available in all supermarkets, some are marinated and are very tasty. As its name implies, it has jalapeño pepper, one of the hottest vegetables there is, so when you are about to eat have your glass of beer or water on hand.

Hamburguesa de Cochinita

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

The cochinita pibil is a stew from the gastronomy of Yucatan (Mexico) but is eaten throughout the country. It is based on pork marinated in annatto, wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked in a ground oven. It is usually accompanied with purple onion and habanero pepper.

Hamburguesa de Camarón

Types Of Hamburgers In Mexico

Fresh and sea fish are typical of the Caribbean area of ​​Mexico and that is why they are also eaten in hamburgers. Placing avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and bacon slices is part of the Mexican experience.

Chicharron Burger

Types Of Hamburgers In Mexico

The chicharrón is very typical in Mexican gastronomy. Clean pork skin is so-called that it is fried in butter until it becomes fluffy and crisp. Quite heavy and caloric, but delicious according to the Mexicans themselves. The hamburger has inside this chicharrón sauce that also has spicy.

Hamburguesa La Diabla

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

As its name suggests, if you eat Hamburguesa La Diabla “you will burn in hell”. It is that like all Mexican food it has chiles and it depends on which one you use the level of spiciness that you will feel. They are all quite spicy, however there are some very potent ones that will take your breath away.

Hamburguesa De Aguacate

7 Most Popular types of hamburgers in Mexico

The avocado is another of the bases of the gastronomy of Mexico. It is available at a very affordable price and is abundant in the market. There are multiple ways to eat it. It can work as a replacement for the hamburger bun, or prepare guacamole and add a mattress on top of the meat before eating it.

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