9 types of infidelity and how to overcome them

Types Of Infidelity

Infidelity is a more complex phenomenon than is seen at first glance

Infidelity is one of the great problems and fears of couples. And it is certainly much more common and complex than we might think.

It is possible to identify different types of infidelity according to the performance of the man or the woman. Therefore, we will review 9 types of infidelity as we indicate how each one can be overcome.

Types Of Infidelity

1. Direct infidelity

According to a Psychology and Mind entry, direct infidelity is one that is deliberate and planned, that is, one in which the infidel consciously acts to have relations with another person.

2. Indirect infidelity

Unlike the previous type, in indirect infidelity, there is no premeditation to betray the partner but these desires arise suddenly. In these situations, the unfaithful may come to repent.

3. Virtual/online infidelity

Among the types of infidelity, virtual is one of the most recent due to the inclusion of technology in our lives. He anonymous character that virtual relationships can acquire makes it an attractive option for the unfaithful person.

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4. Physical infidelity

It is contrary to virtual infidelity, the unfaithful knows the other person in the environments that he frequents and proceeds to betray his partner. It almost always ends in sexual intercourse.

5. Affective infidelity

Also known as romantic infidelity, affective infidelity is one in which one of the members of the relationship develops feelings for someone outside of it. They don’t necessarily have sex.

6. Sexual infidelity

It is a type of infidelity characterized by the sexual act, and where there is no important emotional attachment. It is very common for it to be done by men.

7. Compulsory infidelity

Infidelity is considered compulsory when the unfaithful person seeks in the extramarital relationship that he does not feel in his formal relationship. The existence of this type of infidelity is highly debated because it could be invoked to hold the victim accountable.

8. Infidelity due to sexual addiction

It is a type of infidelity that occurs when the infidel seeks to satiate his obsessive and exaggerated desire for sex. It is a common consequence of the lack of psychological treatment for this condition.

9. Infidelity of approval

It is a type of infidelity that is committed when a relationship is close to ending and the infidel needs someone to avoid being alone. It is a “fast track” to evade the lonely feeling.

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Each type of infidelity deserves a particular approach so that the consequences that it leaves on the victim do not have a very profound impact on their emotional and psychological health. That is why when the conflict between the couple is very strong, it is recommended to attend therapy to be able to solve it in the best way.

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