Ubisoft reveals that it is already taking steps to link Blockchain and NFTs in the video game space

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Ubisoft reveals that it is already taking steps to link Blockchain and NFTs in the video game space By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The directors of Ubisoft recognize the value of Blockchain and the NFT for the future of the industry, and reveal that they have already taken their first steps to be a pioneer in the field.


The French company that created some of the most successful video game franchises today, Ubisoft, has plans to dabble in the use of technology Blockchain and the NFT within some titles.

Ubisoft wants to break through space Blockchain

This was confirmed by the CFO of Ubisoft, Frederick Duguet, who indicated that these new technologies could make the video game industry grow a lot, so they want to have a more active role by making use of them.

In this regard, Duguet commented:

“Blockchain will allow more Play to Earn-type games, which in turn will enable the possibility for users to derive profits, have their own content, and we believe it will make the industry grow a lot… We have been working with many small companies that are operating in the Blockchain space, and we are starting to have a good understanding of how this can impact the industry, and we want to be one of the key players here. “

Taking your first steps

For his part, the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, indicated during an earnings report for the company that the company has already been making movements to achieve the above.

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“Ubisoft recently participated in the latest round of funding from Animoca Brands, a company that dabbled in the Blockchain gaming space. Our company has been exploring this technology since its early development, supporting and learning from the ecosystem through initiatives such as the Entrepreneurs Lab startup program, and appearing as a founding member of the Blockchain Game Alliance ”, Guillemot pointed out.

In addition, the director of Ubisoft added:

“This far-reaching exploration relates to Ubisoft’s constant search for innovation, as well as new ways to empower players truly interested in these ecosystems. It also gives the company the perspective to reflect on the best ways to overcome the initial limitations of Blockchain for gaming, especially around sustainability and scalability. ”

In addition to the aforementioned organizations and companies, Ubisoft is also collaborating with Horizon Blockchain Games, a company that has games based on the use of digital collectibles through articles NFT.

Blockchain and videogames

The announcement by the directors of Ubisoft comes into place a day after the CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), Andrew Wilson, qualify the NFT as a sector with a lot of potential within the videogames space, qualifying them as “An important part of the future of the industry.”

Despite the fact that several developers have spoken favorably in this regard, on the other hand there is the case of companies such as Steam, marketer of games for PC, which prohibited developers from publishing through the platform any video game associated with Blockchain and / or digital collectibles in the form of NFT.

Meanwhile, games of type Play to Earn based in Blockchain and the NFT they keep gaining a lot of traction. Such is the case of Axie Infinity, which has a growing user base and one of the most lucrative ecosystems within the sector.

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