unboxing the MacBook M1 Pro with notch and MagSafe

MacBook Pro 14

The MacBook Pro 2021 should arrive tomorrow with the first to order it, even though serious delays are to be expected according to our calculations. But as often, a few lucky ones were able to receive it a little earlier. These are most often resellers, who equip themselves in stock before offering the machine to their own customers.

He’s probably one of them who posted early images of the 14-inch version on his YouTube channel on Friday, in a video of about a minute. We obviously recognize the screen with less thick edges and the notch that sits at the top of it, but also the keyboard now surrounded by black.

Apple is already cracking down?

Another preview was also posted on the social network Reddit three days ago, but it has since been deleted by its author. He did not expressly state his motives, but it is highly likely that Apple contacted him to ask him to withdraw his post. Indeed, for several months now, the Californian company has been attacking head-on those who oppose its policy of industrial secrecy.

The good news is that the same creator as before has also shared a second grip, this time much longer but in Vietnamese. The focus is on the return of the magnetic charging, located right next to two universal USB-C ports and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Don’t hesitate to take a look yourself:

Technical informations

The new MacBook Pros are already announced as the most powerful ever released by Apple. They indeed ship an M1 Pro or M1 Max processor of your choice, made up of eight to thirty-two cores depending on whether you are looking at your CPU or graphics card. RAM is limited to 64 GB, while internal storage is up to 8 TB.

Two screen sizes are available: 14.2 inches or 16.2 inches. As for the price, it starts at 2,249 euros for the most affordable version against more than 7,000 euros for a fully equipped large format. Without Touch Bar or Face ID, but with SD card slot and HDMI plug to connect an external monitor.

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