Unequal Canarian derby to open the promotion playoff

Derbi canario desigual para abrir el playoff de ascenso

Start to play, possibly the first of the two most important Canarian derbies in history of this regional duel (follow the match live on AS.com). The first leg of the semifinals for the promotion Playoff finds the Tenerife and Las Palmas playing for a place in the final. A few weeks ago it seemed almost utopian, but the excellent end of the campaign for the yellows and the blue and white bump made it possible. will be 180 minutes not suitable for heart patients.

The truth is that both arrive at the appointment with a opposite present. The people from Tenerife they have disconnected the last three games, losing everything and handing fourth place to the gran canaries who several days ago began to believe it and with a spectacular streak After 11 games without losing, they managed to qualify with the field factor in their favor in this tie. It is true that in derbies, the above counts little or nothingbut the state of mind of each other is very different.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

Luis Miguel Ramis has the most of its staff. He has tried to dose forces and yellow so that everyone arrives in conditions. Hence, eleven is not as difficult to predict as in past weeks. possibly return Mellot to the right side, while Sergio Gonzalez or Sipcic -headline on Sunday- fight for accompany Jose Leon. On the left, Pomares or Muñoz are the options.

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It is likely that in double pivot bet on Aitor and Corredera, the couple most repeated by the coach, but the Catalan arrives in poor shape. For the bands there are Elady, Mollejo and even Álex Bermejo, while Enric Gallego and Mario can repeat up front, although Shashoua and her magic are already available.

Jonathan Vera.

How could it be otherwise, the baton of Las Palmas will take her back Jonathan Viera, the best and more decisive footballer of the category, scoring six games in a row. Implicated as the most both on and off the pitch, he does everything and everything with extreme virtuosity. When you manage to combine with the Tenerife duo Moleiro-Kirian and Jesé, UD flies in attack to the despair of his overwhelmed rivals.

Shield/Flag Tenerife

Precisely, Jesé seems to have healed his shoulder problems, so today it could be from the game on your neighboring island. in attack, sadiku seems to gain advantage over Mujica despite the ownership of the latter in El Molinón.

The rest of the team he recites from memory, and also García Pimienta warned that no rotations. Except last minute surprise, Valles will again have Lemos, Navas, Curbelo and Cardona ahead, with Kirian, Mfulu and Moleiro ahead. The gala formation of the palms. His indisputable favoritism for this tie does not make a dent in the Gran Canaria team itself. “The two teams started from scratch,” insists García Pimienta.

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Dynamic. Tenerife arrives at the duel in free fall. After securing their place in the Playoff, Ramis’ men have not won again.

Progression. Las Palmas is in an unstoppable progression. Before the playoffs he chained 11 games without losing, with nine wins. The return to Gran Canaria works in his favour.

Drought. One goal in three games is a situation that the Blue and Whites must improve if they want to continue dreaming of promotion.

defensive improvement. Despite the changes in defense due to injuries or sanctions, UD has made great progress behind. In the last four league games he barely conceded a goal, against Oviedo.


Aitor Sanz

The captain will be in charge of leading a Tenerife that arrives with doubts. She is one of the few who has not been disconnected in the final stretch.


The playmaker from Tenerife was already decisive in the second-round derby at the Heliodoro, when he gave Las Palmas victory. When he combines with Viera and his countryman Moleiro, his team is unstoppable.


Tenerife. Ramis only has the casualties of Pablo Larrea and Javi Alonso, injured. He retrieves Nahuel and Mellot.

the palms. Peñaranda is with the Venezuelan national team and both Coco and Loiodice are recovering from their respective injuries. Jesé, with discomfort in his right shoulder, is available again.

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