United States: There are more people with COVID-19 in hospitals than ever before and many more die

Estados Unidos: Hay más personas con COVID-19 que nunca antes en hospitales y muchas más mueren

With daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths on the rise, the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating in the United States, says Covid Tracking Project.

More Americans are hospitalized with COVID-19 today than at any previous point in the pandemic, a grim milestone indicating that the coronavirus is not slowing down in the United States.

On July 22, 59,628 people in the United States were in the hospital after testing positive for the new coronavirus, according to the Covid Tracking Project at The Atlantic. That total exceeded the previous daily maximum of 59,539 hospitalized with COVID-19 on April 15, when New York City was the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States.

These changes occur amid the increase in new patients with the virus.

A week after cases started to increase in mid-June, hospitalizations also began to increase.

On June 20, there were approximately 28,000 people hospitalized with COVID-19. A month later, that number had more than doubled 58,000 hospitalized patients.

Now, the number of hospitalized patients is approaching the peak that was reached in mid-April, during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in the Northeast.

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New York and New Jersey they only represented 45% of hospitalizations at that time.

This time, Texas, Florida, and California are home to about half the total number of COVID-19 patients.

While some large urban hospitals may be prepared to handle the current increase, Smaller rural hospitals do not have access to the same level of resources to handle the large influx of patients.

In South Texas, small hospitals are flooded with seriously ill COVID-19 patients, and at least one is saturated to the point of making plans to reject patients with little prospect of survival.

Deaths continue to rise

Three weeks ago, the Covid Tracking Project raised the alarm about the rapidly increasing number of cases in critical states, such as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

The increase in cases throughout June laid the foundations for the increase in hospitalizations and now, in July, for the sharp increase in deaths.

In these four states, the seven-day average for reported deaths each day has increased from less than 150 in early June to more than 400 now.

That same trend it is beginning to repeat itself in the other southern states.

New cases of COVID-19 per million people in many southern states are approaching the levels found in the northeast in early April.

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The tests were much more limited in the spring than they are now, but the increase in cases exceeds the increase in evidence. If these outbreaks continue to grow, they will inevitably lead to more deaths in these states.

More deaths after July?

The COVID Tracking Project is sounding the alarm again, because The increase in deaths in July is occurring in parallel with the continuing high levels of new cases reported.

Clinical delays will continue, as will reporting delays, and if all of these patterns recur, in three weeks we will see an increase in mortality rates caused by the tens of thousands of cases that are being recorded this month.


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