Universal Control is already available on macOS, but …

Universal Control

With the arrival of macOS Monterey was also announced a new feature: Universal Control. This allows you to use Macs or iPads as an external screen with another Apple device, without having to go through numerous connections. Practical, especially when you know that the other Continuity options such as Handoff are already on the rise.

Only downside: for the moment, macOS 12 is only available in beta, which means that it is better not to mess with it to avoid bugs. But as often, the most impatient have indeed downloaded the software. And after a note to find on GitHub at this address, it is actually quite possible to trigger Universal Control with this advanced grinding.

Beware of technical problems

Be careful, however, because it cannot be overstated: this maneuver is relatively risky, which is moreover on an everyday machine. An incident quickly happened on macOS, especially when we know that the operation here requires going through the app… Terminal. This directly affects the system settings of the OS, which is to say that it is rather advisable to avoid it without being knowledgeable in the field.

For the more curious who want to do without this kind of danger, then it will be better to wait until September. According to recent rumors in the hallway, it is during this period that Apple would once again have planned a – even three – major conference (s) to announce its iPhone 12 and new computers. We are talking more specifically here of several portable models, perhaps without a Touch Bar on top of their keyboard.

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Not yet developed?

Good to know: if you try to run Universal Control on macOS Monterey in beta, some flaws have already been identified by early testers. According to MacRumors, the detection of the iPad or Mac to be associated would for example not go as planned. Supposed to be automatic, it would indeed require you to go manually to System Preferences to add a device. Not very practical, but not for long after the last keynote, where the handling was much faster.


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