Unleash online mockery for buying a wedding dress without being engaged

Desata burlas en internet por comprar vestido de novia sin estar comprometida

Many believe that he could be very disappointed.

Photo: Oana Lupescu / Pexels

Although we are in the XXI century, There are millions of women around the world who say that their greatest dream is to find the love of their life in order to celebrate the wedding they have longed for.

That is the case of a woman who has been teased after she shared her story on Facebook.

According to him Daily Star, the young woman, whose name is anonymous, indicated that Her boyfriend, with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time, recently gave him a promise ring and decided to celebrate this event by buying a wedding dress, even though he did not ask her to marry him.

“I have good news! Today I bought my wedding dress. Technically I’m not engaged yet, but I have a promise ring. I wanted to go ahead and start the process, ”wrote the excited girlfriend.

Although many users congratulated her, others told her to put her feet on the ground, since this promise ring is not as such a commitment and therefore, it could be a great disappointment.


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