Unlocking your iPhone with your Apple Watch will become a reality?


In the latest version of iOS (14.5) which has just arrived in its beta version for people who are part of the Apple program, a novelty strikes at the first use. It is indeed possible to use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. If this idea seems quite surprising, and faced with the rather outdated ease of operation of FaceID, it is actually quite the opposite.

As we all know, using FaceID in public has become hell, with mask wearing (and thankfully) blurring all the lines of easy recognition the technology relies on. But while these masks seem to no longer want to leave our daily lives, Apple could have found a solution to make our lives easier.

2-step unlocking

So within the beta of iOS 14.5 hides this possibility of “hybrid” unlocking. The watch will not do all the work on its own, but, in the same way that it can now unlock a Mac, the latter will be able to help unlock your iPhone, when facial recognition made by FaceID is incomplete.

According to the first tests that have been carried out with this beta, the feedback is quite positive. The system seems to be working well. The iPhone actually takes into account the top of the face to find as many similarities as possible with the data saved in FaceID and then the Apple Watch takes over. If the latter is properly unlocked and hooked to your wrist, then it will emit a slight vibration to warn you that your iPhone is also unlocked. The operation is ultimately very close to that already in place with the MacBooks that the Apple Watch can also unlock.

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The other new features of iOS 14.5

In the rest of the update, Apple has just supported the new controllers from Sony and Microsoft (those for the PS5 and the Xbox Series S and X). It will therefore now be possible to play Apple Arcade games using one of these controllers. Another feature, concerning Siri this time, the latter has a new feature to call for help or emergency contacts.

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