US authorities capture nuclear engineer after receiving cryptocurrencies for the sale of secret plans – DiarioBitcoin

US authorities capture nuclear engineer after receiving cryptocurrencies for the sale of secret plans - DiarioBitcoin

US authorities capture nuclear engineer after receiving cryptocurrencies for the sale of secret plans - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The defendant completed the operation with an undercover agent and received a total of $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency for the sale of plans for nuclear submarines.


Recently published reports indicate that a nuclear engineer from the US Navy, In collusion with his wife, they attempted to illegally sell nuclear-powered war submarine designs by receiving payments in cryptocurrencies.

The defendants in question were Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana Toebbe, who were captured by the US authorities after attempting to sell the plans with an undercover agent of the FBI. The reports indicate that those involved were trying to sell said data to a foreign government, for which they were setting up communication channels through which to send the respective plans.

Investigation and capture of those involved

In this regard, in the reports published by the Justice Department From the US it reads:

On June 8, 2021, the undercover agent sent $ 10,000 worth of cryptocurrency to Jonathan Toebbe as a ‘good faith’ payment. Soon after, on June 26, Jonathan and Diana Toebbe traveled to a location in West Virginia. There, with Diana Toebbe acting as a lookout, Jonathan Toebbe placed a hidden SD card inside half a peanut butter sandwich at a preset location. After recovering the SD card, the undercover agent sent Jonathan Toebbe a $ 20,000 cryptocurrency payment. ″

As such, Toebbe had in his possession the encrypted keys to be able to access the content of the SD card, so once it was delivered, he sent the passwords by email so that the alleged buyer could access the information:

“After making a payment to Toebbe for $ 70,000 in cryptocurrency, the FBI received a decryption key for the card. It also contained restricted data related to submarine nuclear reactors. The FBI arrested Jonathan and Diana Toebbe on October 9, after they placed another SD card in a preset ‘deadlock’ at the second West Virginia location. “

The capture of those involved was achieved after completing another commercial operation with the undercover agent. These were accused of crimes outlined in the US Atomic Energy Act

Crimes and payments with cryptocurrencies

Despite the fact that this time it was a covert procedure, police officers point out that crimes involving payments with cryptocurrencies have been increasing over the years, precisely because of the layers of anonymity that this technology involves and because of the fact that transactions can be carried out almost immediately without government or banking controls.

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Among the most common crimes, attacks of the type ransomware, where hackers tend to introduce malware into servers and / or computers of important targets, with the intention of hijacking the information and requesting the payment of a ransom with cryptocurrencies to reestablish access.

On the other hand, crimes also stand out in which agents also participate, sheltering themselves in the anonymity that provide payments with cryptocurrencies. Two of the most emblematic cases are those of the officers Shaun Bridges of the Secret Service and Carl Mark Force IV of the Drug Administration and Control, who were accused of stealing crypto funds during the investigation of the case Silk Road.

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