US Dealership Makes First Crypto Car Sale…and Accepted Ethereum

US Dealership Makes First Crypto Car Sale...and Accepted Ethereum

US Dealership Makes First Crypto Car Sale...and Accepted Ethereum For DailyBitcoin Editor

This is the first sale in cryptocurrencies made by the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, an auto dealer in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.


The second largest cryptocurrency in the worldEthereumwas accepted as payment on the first car sales transaction using cryptocurrencies that the dealer makes Jeff Wyler Automotive Family. This company, which sells new and used cars and provides workshop services, is well known in the United States, especially in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, hence the importance of adopting crypto as a means of payment.

The buyer is a person from Saudi Arabia, who used Ethereum (ETH) to buy a Mercedes-Benz S580 2021.

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The Milford-based car dealer dating back to 1973 completed a car sales transaction using cryptocurrency for the first time at its Fort Mitchell Mercedes-Benz dealership, selling a Mercedes-Benz S580 2021 certified second-hand to a buyer in Saudi Arabia.

At the moment, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family you accept Bitcoin and 11 other cryptocurrencies at its 23 dealerships located in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, allowing customers to pay for part of their transaction or the entire transaction using any of the supported cryptocurrencies or a combination of cryptocurrencies. But this is the first transaction to be completed in its entirety with Ether.

indicates UToday which, apart from other use cases, ethereum It is also rapidly becoming one of the top cryptocurrencies used to buy real estate.

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Crypto as a means of payment

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment in physical places is increasing. In fact, a bank report Morgan Stanleyshared by Coindeskshows that this entity maintains that associations with physical stores are un most important milestone in the “Evolution of the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment”as more than 85% of sales in the US occur in physical stores and not online. This is a response to the announcement made by the payment provider Strike that you partnered with the point of sale provider NCR and signing payments blackhawk, which means that a large number of US stores and restaurants will soon be able to accept crypto payments.

Bitcoin Diary also recently reported that porsche towsonthe only center porsche exclusive to Baltimore, has partnered with cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay to accept digital assets, including Shiba Inu.

Sources: UToday, coindeskarchive

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