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US government body to sell 4.94 BTC in a new public auction - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The auction will be organized by the US General Services Administration, and the 4.94 BTC They will be divided into four lots, precisely to guarantee more opportunities to all interested parties.


The US General Services Administration (GSA) reported today that it will hold a new bitcoin auction, which will officially begin tomorrow, Tuesday, and end next Thursday.

The GSA will auction funds Bitcoin

According to the agency, a total of 4.94 will be auctioned BTC, Estimated at the time of publication in more than about USD $ 311,000 divided into five lots, precisely so that those interested have more opportunities to become creditors of the funds Bitcoin offered in this opportunity.

In this regard, the regional commissioner of the Federal Auction Service, Thomas Meiron, commented:

“These lots are an excellent opportunity to get into the crypto community, and the GSA is pleased to be able to offer these assets for public auction.”

The auction comes at a time of special interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies both among US residents and people in many other parts of the world, precisely in light of the recent increase capitalized by the digital currency after the arrival of the ETF based on futures of BTC.

Other cryptocurrency auctions

As such, the GSA has previously auctioned cryptocurrencies since the beginning of this year, mainly funds Bitcoin and Litecoin in various lots to guarantee access to all applicants. It is worth noting that the organization auctioned about 150 LTC in the summer of this 2021.

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However, this has not been the only organization that has auctioned cryptocurrencies. For years andl US Marshals Service Through this mechanism, it has been trading funds seized in procedures and operations against criminal organizations. It is worth noting that at the beginning of last year it auctioned about 4,040 BTC.

But in addition to the US, government organizations in France and Germany have also carried out such auctions. The first of the aforementioned nations auctioned about 611 BTC in mid-March, which were associated with the attackers of GateHub, while the German government will carry out a sale soon, in which it will distribute about 215 BTC seized during a criminal investigation.

In the meantime, Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies receive a second wind in terms of their price, since the main digital currency registers a price of USD $ 62,762 per unit at the time of publication, capitalizing profits of 3.31% in the last 24 hours.

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