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US Senate candidate, Shannon Bray, expresses his support for Shiba Inu token - DiarioBitcoin By Hannah perez

The Shiba Inu craze reached into American politics. The libertarian candidate wants to push the price of SHIB to a new high and also appears to have political projects involving the token.


The boom around doggy cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to end and Shiba Inu (SHIB), the self-proclaimed “dogecoin killer“Continues to garner a lot of attention. Amid the growing popularity, the army of the token SHIB continues to grow, now it even includes a politician from the United States.

The candidate for the US Senate for 2022, Shannon Bray, took to Twitter to share her position in favor of the token shiba inu puppy meme, web-based Ethereum. Bray was a great defender of cryptocurrency and even changed the cover image of his profile on the social network for one of the brand’s dog. Shiba Inu, nicknamed Floki.

In its tweet, the American politician addressed his more than 9,000 followers to invite SHIB advocates to “make noise”To boost the price of the coin 20%. Bray assured that once SHIB recovers the $ 0.00003 zone, there will be less resistance and the coin could hit a new all-time high.

Currently the 20th cryptocurrency by market capitalization volume, Shina inu It is trading around USD $ 0.00002741. The token registered a substantial increase earlier this month that brought it very close to its price record of $ 0.000035, recorded in May. At the time of publishing, SHIB records a slight price drop in the last 24 hours.

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Shiba Inu makes a place for himself in politics

This is not the first time that the candidate has published a message on networks related to the rival doggy cryptocurrency of Dogecoin. A look at Bray’s Twitter account indicates that the politician has been sharing his support for Shiba Inu repeatedly in the last month. At the beginning of the week he had already published another tweet with the intention of boosting the price of token.

Ok #shibarmy, time to start a new career. We have been consolidating and building support around “28”. Time to do this and claim the “30”. Let everyone know they have $ shib to make!

Bray, who is a candidate for the Senate of the Libertarian Party, also showed in another publication that his fanaticism for the currency reaches his wardrobe: he has a sweater with the logo of Shiba Inu which it says it will use during coin price increases.

But beyond showing his personal support for him token As a puppy, Bray seems to have plans to include SHIB in his political projects. In a tweet recently he hinted that has a project proposal to fund homeless veterans using Shiba Inu.

In other publications he has also argued that Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency project “for the people“, Which could help not only citizens in the US but throughout the world. “I am a proud member of this movement and I truly believe that the community [de SHIB] it can help millions of people around the world. This is our chance to rise above politics“, wrote.

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But the political vision based on token meme is not convincing everyone. On Twitter, several they have criticized and mocked of the candidate’s comments. Bray has worked in areas such as software development, security, and information management. Bray has come across as an enthusiast for digital currencies and their underlying technology.

The doggie token craze continues

The token as a puppy, who seeks to imitate the success of Dogecoin (DOGE), the largest canine cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has become very popular in recent months. Beyond the boost that has given the coin the multiple tweets by Elon Musk talking about DOGE and his new breed puppy Shiba Inu, the SHIB token has been catching the eye of various celebrities.

Recently, the CIO Guggenheim PartnersScott Minerd admitted that he wishes he had invested in SHIB before its stellar rise in May. Also David Gokhshtein, CEO of PAC Global, went to Twitter this week to share your support for SHIB.

Several of the major crypto exchanges and trading platforms have recently incorporated cryptocurrency, as demand rises. Among them, Coinbase added it a few weeks ago. In fact, it seems that Coinbase He has not only decided to include SHIB, but to change his image in the Google application store so that those interested in downloading the app can immediately see that the token is available on the platform. The change reported a user on Twitter.

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