USB-C, massive battery life, 1TB storage, and more

iPhone 13 Pro Max vue dorsale

On Douyin, TikTok’s sister social network dedicated to the Chinese market, a user was talked about recently for a video in which he presents a creation that is original to say the least.

The man, nicknamed Yang Changshun Repairman, is obviously a specialist in smartphone assembly, since he succeeded in designing an iPhone with amazing features, based on the 13 Pro Max model. Do you even see what this iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra :

  • Battery capacity doubled compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Added USB-C port
  • Added 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Internal dual-fan cooling system for the A15 Bionic chip (allows it to underpin better performance than with the passive cooling of the iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • 1TB storage

To fit all of this into an iPhone case, the would-be Dr. Frankenstein had to double the thickness of the case. The result is a real brick. Admittedly, much less practical and surely heavier to carry than an iPhone 13 Pro Max, this iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra has some under the hood.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra thickness

© Yang Changshun Repairman

If manipulation is obviously not accessible to everyone, we can salute the work of the technician, who achieves a real performance. You can find all the videos of the conception of the beast here.

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And here are some pictures:

iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra MountiPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Mount

© Yang Changshun Repairman

iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra FansiPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Fans

© Yang Changshun Repairman

Modified iPhone 13 Pro MaxModified iPhone 13 Pro Max

© Yang Changshun Repairman

We still wonder if we would not like to have this iPhone Ultra for daily use. It must be admitted that autonomy is desirable. The 3.5mm headphone jack further reminds me that I still have a pair of Earpods unfortunately gathering dust on the shelf. And then the USB-C port could finally get everyone to agree on the universality of connectivity on smartphones, one of the great workhorses of the EU at the moment elsewhere.

And you, are you tempted by this iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra?

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