Health Used Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How...

Used Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How To Avoid It


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Acquire used clothes It is a common practice for many people, as they can expand their wardrobe without spending a lot of money. However, it is possible that this practice is dangerous for our Health. We will delve into this topic below.

What dangers are there in used clothing?

According to an article on the portal ClickSalud, used or second-hand clothing is capable of inducing a series of diseases or conditions about us. These conditions would be dermatitis and tina (scabies).

Used or second-hand clothing may contain Mites, which are capable of causing scabies on our skin and that of our relatives in case of contagion. Tub, or scabies, is a disease that causes skin lesions in addition to itching.

This would occur because used clothing may not be sanitized and disinfected before being marketed, which makes the buyer susceptible to contracting bacteria and pathogens.

How to avoid getting sick from wearing used clothes?

Although used clothing is a medium for bacteria, we can take action to prevent said bacteria from compromising our health.

Many experts agree that avoid buying used clothes is the best way to defend ourselves against its possible dangers since we would not come into contact with any of its pathogens.

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In case you still want to buy used clothes, you can choose to wash blouses, sweaters, and shirts with plenty of hot water and soap to later remove the garments from the sun. In the case of jackets, it is preferable to place them in airtight plastic bags for a period of 3 days to kill the lice and mites that it may contain.

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On the other hand, the use of second-hand underwear is not recommended not even with a thorough washing process.

The risk of getting sick The use of used clothing can be controlled by us if we follow the recommendations indicated above. That way, we can guarantee our own well-being and that of our family nucleus.

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- Advertisement -Used Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How To Avoid ItUsed Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How To Avoid It

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- Advertisement -Used Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How To Avoid ItUsed Clothes Make Us Sick! Know Why And How To Avoid It

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