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8 extensions de navigateur que tout spécialiste du marketing digital trouvera utiles

Browser extensions are really handy for anyone who works online.

They allow you to have many tools on hand to be more efficient and faster! Among the thousands of browser extensions that exist, here are the ones that are essential for digital marketers and will allow them to be even more efficient!

VPN / Proxy Extension

Working safely is fundamental. All the more so when we are handling sensitive and valuable business data. It is therefore imperative to have a VPN to be sure that your connections remain private and indecipherable.

Then, download your VPN extension to be able to browse safely and have on hand, the main settings of this tool, very easy to use and configure., one of the 8 extensions is a very handy tool that allows you to modify your links by shortening them and share them directly from your browser in your account. With, you can also track real-time link click statistics and fine tune your strategies.

By having the extension in your browser, you save time and you can also easily customize your Bitlinks by adding your domain or customizing half of the link.

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Buffer’s Chrome extension is also a very easy way to share content with your subscribers while browsing sites as you browse the net. You can also manage your day by scheduling posts for specific times and tracking with analytics to determine which posts perform the best. Finally, Buffer also allows you to share images and videos wherever you are on the web, without having to go back to your Buffer dashboard and without having to log in.


As a digital marketer you should have a large number of accounts for various tools. And you have to manage dozens of passwords!

To solve this problem, the LastPass extension is formidable in efficiency. . All you have to do is remember your primary login credentials and LastPass stores all your passwords, giving you secure access from any computer or mobile device. LastPass simply makes your online life easier while providing rock-solid security.


Sniply is a valuable tool for you drive people to your website through the content you share on social media.

You can embed your own calls to action as well as personalized messages for readers on the web. In addition, Sniply automatically detects when you paste a link and will ask you if you want to embed a message on this page. Sharing a Sniply Link allows you to redirect traffic to your site and capture a larger audience and ultimately new subscribers and customers!

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Yesware is an email tool, which shows who opens your emails, sends notifications when emails are opened or clicked, and tells you which device was used to open your emails.

It also provides you with many templates for Gmail. You’ll also have plenty of detail on the models that generate the greatest engagement with recipients. Yesware is clearly a very effective and relevant for all those who mail and want a light and fast tool.

Seoquake, the last of the extensions

Seoquake is a very practical extension to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a SEO web page. With just one click you get various SEO ranking factors for any web page like:

  • nofollow links,
  • the density of the text,
  • keyword detection.

You can also compare one site to another based on URLs. Seoquake is clearly a fast SEO tool that will help you quickly detect areas for improvement on a page or the weaknesses of the competition!


Zapier is the ideal tool for automate tasks. It’s an unparalleled productivity tool with a Chrome extension that makes it even lighter and easier to use.

It is possible to automatically create documents, classify, schedule e-mail responses, activate timers or countdowns and of course control many office applications or digital marketing tools. If you haven’t tried Zapier yet, check it out because its possibilities are almost endless.

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