Valencia has Hugo Duro waiting and squeezes Alderete

El Valencia tiene a Hugo Duro a la espera y aprieta a Alderete

The puzzle called Valencia has begun its movement of pieces after the Copa del Rey final. Once it was known that, as AS revealed, the continuity of Ilaix is ​​very complicated and that Bryan Gil Tottenham still hasn’t made a decisionthere are two others on loan whose future is not defined, but unlike Gil and Moriba, they have one more foot inside than outside of the Valencian entity.

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It is the case of Hugo Duro and Omar Alderetetwo on loan with very different situations whose future will be decided in the coming weeks. In the case of Hugh Hard, AS has progressively reported that the entity was clear that they were going to execute their purchase option of 4 million euros. At the club, regardless of the economic situation, they are aware that today Duro is worth much more than the millions that the entity must pay and keeping it is an investment that could be profitable the day after its purchase, although that is not the idea.

That is the theory as far as Hugo Duro is concerned. In practicethe footballer still has no news of a possible purchase despite the fact that many take it for granted for a long time. Last season, Duro experienced a similar process in Castilla, where all inputs They were aimed at his purchase by the white club, but at the last minute everything went wrong and he was disappointed. For this reason, the striker is waiting to see if Valencia takes the step before May 15, the deadline that the che have to execute said purchase. If not, it goes without saying that returning to Getafe would not be a drama because it is the team of his entire life.

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In the case of Omar Alderete after leaving Valencia dismounted from Europe, your purchase option is no longer mandatory. In the club they know that the Paraguayan has earned to continue and that his level is beyond doubt, however given the economic situation they admit that 7.5 million euros is a high amount in the context in which the club moves. Valencia today does not deny that it can reach that amountalthough they expect the cental squeeze Hertha Berlin so that the Germans reduce their claims economic, as revealed by AS on March 17.

And it is that Omar is tremendously happy in Valencia and his desire is to continue in the club. Valencia wants negotiate those almost ten million euros of purchase optionbut it will not be easy since with the level that his defender has shown, Hertha has received interest from other clubs already. Without going further, be sporty revealed that there is already a LaLiga team that is waiting to see if Valencia does not acquire Omar to launch for him, In fact, according to said source, they offer more than the 7.5 M for which Valencia can keep Omar.

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