Valencia Open Auction by Carlos Soler

Subasta abierta por Carlos Soler

The process of Changes in Valencia Club de Fútbol have begun. First it was the murthy’s exitsubsequently the rise of sean bai to new CEO, between this week and next Gattuso’s signing will be made official (whose contract is already signed) as the new coach…And then the sales will begin. Some sales that, as AS advanced, Peter Lim himself and Rino Gattuso agreed in Singapore and among which will be Goncalo Guedes -as was evident-, Jose Gaya -although it will be necessary to see if the captain wants to leave-, and Carlos Soler…Which has attracted the gaze of the greats of Europe.

It is nothing new that Carlos Soler, due to his quality, his youth and his contractual situation (ends in 2023), has half a continent behind him, but as we get to the start of the market and the ’10’ that continues without receiving any call from Valencia Since last February three very specific clubs have positioned themselves to take over the services of the young Valencian footballer. And it is that the Football Club Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Juventus de Turín have Soler in mind to the point that have already contacted their closest circle to let them know that their intentions to incorporate you are real.

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Photo by Carlos Soler

By parts, in the case of Football Club Barcelona the thing comes from afar. AS already advanced that the harmony between Carlos, the Catalan club and Valencia was very positive to direct their march towards Catalan lands. Barcelona is a club that seduces any player and in the case of Carlos taking into account the football style of possession applied by the culés and it fits him so well, even more so. Given the aforementioned situation, in any other context, taking into account that Lim and Laporta have a remarkable relationship and that Alemany wants to sign Carlosthe transfer would have already been undertaken… But the lack of liquidity in Barça has slowed down the process.

For this reason, Murthy and Joey Lim traveled to Barcelona with the aim of incorporate soccer players to the operation that would speed up the transfer. In the capital of the Turia, of all the names that Barça put on the table, I really like Sergiño Dest more than as a side, as inside right, especially considering the 4-2-3-1 that Gattuso applies and the absence of wide players in the che club. However, at the expense of the sale of Frenkie De Jong, which gives liquidity to the Catalans, Valencia and Barça cannot close a transfer for Carlos… And that impasse Atlético de Madrid and Juventus want to take advantage of it.

Shield/Flag Barcelona

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In the case of rojiblancoswhose liquidity allows them incorporate footballers without the need for a major sale as is the case of Barça, interest in Carlos is not new. Cholo and Andrea Berta already called him in 2019 before he renewed with Valencia and now in a similar situation they have contacted him again to sign him. Soler is friends with several Atleti players and his signing is backed by Simeone, so he is a juicy option for the ’10’ Che, who would also -as in the case of Barça- change teams without leaving Spain in a World Cup year, something he prioritizes taking into account the difficulty of adapting to other leagues and that For Soler, being in Qatar is an absolute priority.

Athletic Shield/Flag

If you decide, however, to embark on an adventure far from our borders, Carlos already knows first-hand that Juventus have him on their list of priorities. The most important club in Italy wants to give this summer a blow to the market after staying away from the battle for the shield. The Italians are targeting Marco Asensio who has also recently been entrusted to Jorge Mendes to define his futurealthough the international confessed in AS that he wants to continue at Real Madrid and certainly the non-signing of Mbappé It takes away a competition from him that gives him more possibilities in the team. For this reason, the bianconeri have gone to ‘Plan Carlos’ and have written your name in red. The auction has started.

Juventus Shield/Flag

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