Relationships Sex Valentine: Why isn't having sex after dinner a good...

Valentine: Why isn’t having sex after dinner a good idea?


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This February 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a very special day for all couples, since It is Valentine’s Day where the boyfriends or marriages usually give special details, as well as going out there to eat, to a show or, go to dinner and then return home and be in the grip of passion.

Many believe that Having a romantic dinner is the perfect prelude to having a night of good sex, which, several experts say, is just an idea “Hollywoodesca”, as excess food and drink can ruin those plans.

“If you want to make sure you have action on February 14, have sex first, then go out to dinner,” says sexual health expert Dan Savage.

According to Savage, after dinner, the body “slows down”; you feel a lot of heaviness, there are many peristaltic movements and also, you are “easy prey” to sleep.

“During digestion, the heart increases its work to irrigate the intestines and improve absorption with a double effort, irrigating the part of the abdomen and also the sexual organs consuming more oxygen”, explains cardiologist Walter Mogrovejo Ramos, director of the Cardiovascular Institute of the Americas (INCA),

Furthermore, according to Mogrovejo, sIf you have sex after eating, there is a high risk of having a heart attack.




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- Advertisement -Valentine: Why isn't having sex after dinner a good idea?Valentine: Why isn't having sex after dinner a good idea?

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